We want Rated Solo Que

No, Retox is not wrong.
Torghast is designed to allow solo play. PvP literally cannot be played solo. It requires a team effort. That’s group/social gameplay.

You can see how well the “don’t force me to be social” attitude works in yolo RBGs. Solo queue will be exactly the same. You’re not getting anywhere with a “leave me alone I are solo playur” attitude.

How are they going to play alone when they need to communicate with teamwork in order to progress in RBGs?

Yes it is built around it. M+ group content. Raids group content. PvP group content. Even some WQs are group content. The game is not built around you sitting afk in Oribos.

Nice joke.


That could literally be said about any multiplayer game with the ability so solo queue.



Sorry, what? I don’t think you are understanding what “solo” means… like im legit confused at how your brain works… Solo queue is when you go into a bg without a team, and are paired up with random other people. Its still a group… just its random. Thats what people want. They dont want to only play once or twice a week with 9 others… or only be able to play when their arena partners are also available.

“yolo” RBGs dont work because they face teams who are not “yolo”… of course it wouldnt work… but if both teams are randomized it will work. Just like it does with MOBAs… I dont get how you dont see that?

And no, the game is not BUILT around group content, because there is a lot of solo content in the game as well. it just has mostly group content for the end game, and this can always change. The base game itself, your spells, moving around, buying, is not only for groups.


Ive beaten guild groups in yolo rbgs. It would literally be like yolo vs yolo. Solo queue would be a good addition, if you dont like it dont play it.


Nothing that I said was unclear.

It means play the game without interaction with others. It does not work in a rated setting. If you want to progress then you need to communicate.

Yes. It is.
The inclusion of some solo content does not negate that the game was designed with social gameplay in mind.

I give you a 10/10 for those mental gymnastics.
“Muh spells means WoW are solo geme!”
Lol ok.

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No, you were pretty unclear. And you can clearly interact in a random BG… I don’t know what you mean by progress, but you should be contributing with your own individual skill. You don’t need to shout in peoples ear to do that. How can people climb the ladder in solo queue for league of legends if that wasn’t the case?

The game itself can be completely tuned to solo play if blizzard wanted, so its not specifically built only for group. It just has content which rewards group play for better gear. You cannot deny that.


Not my problem if you’re having comprehension issues.

Move up in rating. A yolo/solo group is not going to progress far, they will be gated by teams.

Yes, let me contribute by trying to 1v3 in the incoming assault to the node I am defending. Pro strat.

Is WoW League of Legends?
Answer - no. Stop comparing them.

No it cannot.

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There would be no point to having rating for queued games. The two together make no sense.

keep in mind for a long time wow was the game for people with no friends and no social life IRL.

when wow is a fantasy escape for someone escaping the problems if IRL, bringing the problems back in by requiring people who can’t socialize well to socialize is problematic. i can’t find it now, but there was a comic posted to reddit a while back about a kid that is basically yelled at by parents, teachers, and peers all day, and turns on his video games to be called a hero and getting his only positive interaction for the day.

someone in that situation has no desire to be forced to socialize, solo-queue would actually break down the barrier to entry for them and allow them to play.


do you seriously still not understand what solo queue would be? you woudlnt be facing teams. You are in solo queue, the enemy team is also solo queue… you don’t face organized teams with your solo queue. Understand?


You ever just sat and talked to a pile of dirt?

'cus that’s about the same quality of ‘conversation’ you’ll have with this fella. :woman_shrugging:


It seems you are the one who does not understand what solo queue is. It was never about divisions of premades vs solo. It was only about allowing players to join games as a solo player. Effectively the same as how random BGs function right now - you press the queue button and you get lumped in with 9 other players. Solo queue literally means just queue as a solo player. They’d still be bunched into the same game modes as premade teams.

no they wouldn’t. it’d be solo vs solo. to put solos in with rated premades is straight up vindictive. the dev that makes that call would be on everyone’s :poop: list.


Yes they would. That’s all solo queue was ever about.

Oh well. Put some effort into the game then instead of screaming for Blizzard to cater to your desire to be a social outcast.

Rated BGs are basically dead this point. Not sure why they don’t try and add rated solo queue. It would at least help BGs to have some kind of MMR system.


solo-Q means solos only, no premades on any team.
rated with wide MMR bands(1400-1999 instead of 1400-1499, 1500-1599) , but will fall back to FIFO if queue times are long enough.

speaking of effort, the weekly chest requires you to only play RBGs, not win them. i did some in comm yolos, we lost all 3, but i still got progress towards an upgrade.

that doesn’t seem right, i dont get progress towards loot in raiding for wiping.


It means you queue by yourself.
That’s. It.





Trying to change the idea behind the “solo queue” movement to fit your narrative is irrelevant. Your refusal to understand or accept the foundation of the idea is also irrelevant. Scream all you want, you’re not getting it.

I didn’t wanna be that guy but solo queue isn’t gonna make you not a 1500 player. If anything it’ll make it harder. The advantage WoW has over other games with ranked gameplay is the ability to pick and choose who you play with 100% of the time. CSGO and League led to systems where up to 4 of your teammates could hold you back to some degree. Solo queue promotes the same environment, and in that environment you still get pub stomped by coordinated teams. Use LFG, make friends ans stop crying because you can’t gain rating and now beg for solo queue while this is solely a get good, player skill issues.