We want Rated Solo Que

Devs, Please add solo que RBG’s and rated arenas! I believe I speak for a lot of people when I say that some of us really enjoy just logging on and not having to find 10 other ppl to play with but still want to play the game on a competitive level. A lot of other game that are team based have these systems (LoL, Dota, Valorant, CS) so I don’t see why we can’t have this type of system.

Here’s my idea:

Skirmish (unranked) no que requirements

Team Que: (2v2 Ranked, 3v3 Ranked) must have 2 or 3 players to que

Solo Que: (new game mode 1v1, 2v2 individual rank) only 1 player can que.

Skirmish: (Unranked BG)

Team Que: (Ranked) must have more than 2 to que, up to 10, game matches similar groups so pubstomp is non existent )

Solo Que Ranked: (individual rank) only 1 person can que into it

As we all know a ranking system adds a sense of progression and something to work towards and allows you to see improvements. I think adding a solo que allows players who enjoy playing the game alone, would really enjoy it.

I know my system isn’t perfect and would add a lot of different ratings (maybe too many) but something similar I think is needed as I’d love to play ranked WoW solo.


This. 1000 times this. Maybe also no healer queues.


totally for this.


Go play one of those games. Solo queue in WoW is a dumb and bad idea.


But why though? How does it hurt you to let us have this?

edit: furious replying intensifies


Do you have a structured argument as to why it’s “dumb and a bad idea”? Like say something that actually has reasoning. How does it hurt you or the game? You don’t have to que into it.


It devalues the social aspect of the game, it detracts from other brackets that actually matter, and simply wouldn’t work well with WoW pvp.

This isn’t a new idea/topic. It’s been debated a million times. Look up one of the other countless threads about it if you want more.

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who cares? be social if you want to. its not stopping you.


I’m sorry but you’re completely wrong. Being social in the game is important but having solo elements is also just as important (that’s why Torghast is designed so you can solo it or do it with friends.) and pvp should follow the same logic. Forcing people to be social 100% of the time to do ranked pvp is wrong and needs to be changed.


Nothing is stopping you from playing a game that already has the feature you want implemented in it either.

Nothing is stopping you from not queuing into to an option that other people want either. It doesn’t hurt you


It does though. You can choose not to queue LFR, but it has hurt the PvE aspect of the game.

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but I want to play WoW, not a moba.


I don’t think you realize how many people want to be able to hop on this game do the things they need to in the small window they have after work and hop off. Finding groups without these tools can sometimes take hours. Your idea is completely outdated and follows the thought that everyone has infinite amount of time and friends who are always on. Not only that a lot of people play and want to just play alone…and that’s completely okay. Your thought process of forcing people to play the way you want is hurting the game more than anything.


This is a game built around group content. As I (and you) mentioned before, there are tons of games that are built around solo content already. This argument basically boils down to the fact that you’re playing the wrong game, and rather than turning to another existing option you for some reason want to twist this game into something it’s not.

no, its not “built” around it, it just features most things with group. It can very well be played solo if they have a solo queue option, it totally supports it. You are lying.


OP’s idea with solo queue is akin to “Lone wolf” queues for other games. No reason not to add it - though there’s no reason to make the rank different, nor should that queue be spared from having 10 single queues matching a premade.

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If the game is built around group content but they added LFR and most people use it…seems like they realize there are a lot of solo players and agree. Right? Or else they wouldn’t have added it.


Maybe I don’t want to be social


If they added rated solo queue for BGs and arena, I honestly think this game would be better than LoL, and if they did this earlier it would have been more successful than LoL.

The most fun I ever have on this game is when two PuGs are trying hard in a BG. Usually happened during phase 3 in classic WoW.

Again, the devs of this game, imo, just are not competent. They have lost so much potential money in the past years its crazy, I would be pissed if I was the CEO or a shareholder.