We traded one spam for another Trade chat is now toxic

…when was trade chat not toxic? Just because it was flooded with boosting doesn’t mean the toxicity wasn’t there.

I’ve only been playing since wrath, but in my experience, Trade chat is where human decency goes to die and have its corpse defiled. Am I playing the same game as you OP?


For the couple hours I was on yesterday, Sargeras Ally trade chat was mostly summed up as “I can finally read on this channel now.”


Sounds like Trade chat is back to the way it was before boosting took it over to be honest.


“I can finally read this channel… but no one has anything of interest to talk about!”

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I wonder if we can petition Blizzard to rename the channel to that?


Trade Chat is a suggested use for the channel, but is not mandated by Blizzard. As a Cross zone channel it tends to be the most populated. If people want to talk about their favorite snack chips they can.

What they can’t do is:

  • Spam chat to disrupt it with repeated phrases which can be advertisements, body part spam, etc.
  • Use profanity, threats, racism, etc.
  • Engage in topics that are very outside the game sphere and intended to be disruptive (some politics can fall into that).

Use right click report to report people who actually break the game rules. It captures the name, server, chat channel, time, and the associated chat logs (not just the one chat line but more than that).

Multiple reports from the same account won’t be registered. You get one report so switching chars or logging in and out won’t up the report count.

Yep. Some servers have it worse than others, but it has always been that way. One of the reasons they have right click so the logs get captured in reports. Makes it easier to clean up.


This is an MMO sorry you don’t feel safe during online interactions. Box warns you of that. At least people are talking now. I would rather have that than boost spam.


It says online interactions are not rated. Not that the environment is a toxic dump with no reporting or recourse. The in game behavior is governed by the EULA and game policies - which don’t even allow profanity. So yeah, expecting the game to be a place where people get stalked, harassed, and abused is not ok. Excusing it by saying the box does not call it safe, is not cool.

Blizz should, and does, enforce rules against it. They don’t get everyone who does it, but they do get lots of them.


the global ignore addon fixes this.

most servers have 1-2 frustrated stand up trolls and the addon clears them and any new toons they create immediately.

my trade chat is peaceful and harmonious…

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Expecting a video game to be some sort of safe troll free zone is really kind of silly.

You can report, disable chat, use ignore, addons, and profanity filters. I think people can choose to make this game a very safe space if they want to. At least we have usable public channels now.

People always result into saying “it’s all bad” when it isn’t, there has been some great conversations too. Something I have missed.

Trade chat is now toxic

And the people rejoice! :partying_face:

That old school trade chat toxicity is and will continue to be welcomed back with open arms, because at the least it conveys a sense of actual real persons interacting with each other.

It’s exciting to see the trade chat trolls crawling out from under their bridges to make a reappearance, now that they actually can and won’t just be immediately drowned out by ‘WTS H/Mythic blah blah, guaranteed blah blah! Many happy reviews! Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam! PST!’ :joy:

I’ll take watching people be triggered and vitriolic and attack each other over opposing views any day versus 98+% of all text I see in major hubs being boost spam.

*Sets out a bowl of suckers and tootsie rolls for the trade chat trolls, old and new…



Which is why we need other channels for designated functions like: guild recruitment (or fix the guild finder so it’s more intuitive), politics (because people apparently are gonna troll with them), and make General game wide rather than zone specific (I mean it IS labeled “general”, not zone).

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Ignore is account wide so if they make a new toon on that account won’t matter. However, if they have 2 accounts and make a new toon on account 2 then that’s an issue if they are Harassing because that means they are bypassing the ignore filter.

Ah, the nostalgia comes rushing in. Good ole trade, how I’ve missed thee.

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What?? This is first I heard of this :open_mouth:


lemme guess the politics are conservative, hyper toxic, and racist or just commie?

Ya that seems par the course for a bunch of mostly white dudes playing video games.

Good… Good… Let the hate flow through you…

General channel is zone specific.

Where’s that written?

at the first sign of stupidity, I block people.

I don’t mind jokes, or a little politics, but I draw the line at stupidity.

one server has a Lilmac toon variant and every time I log on there more of his new toons are blocked.

it’s truly amazing that so few people are involved in the misuse of the chat channel, literally 1-2 per server.

the internet :laughing:

hides whoopie cushion