We need connected realms on TBC Classic - here is why

Faerlina is doing very well, even on the alliance side.
Your whole argument is wrong, and even lacking facts to corroborate your statement.

This is why they are failing.

Anytime a server becomes 60+% of a single faction the minority will always flee.

Just how the players are.

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All we really need are Flying Sparkle Ponies.

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What have you done to sweet sweet Glinda!?!???!?

We want answers!!!

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No problem!

The amount of forum whining on social media and here is indicative that they lose more over dead servers that they gain by keeping em (even with the transfers).

Thats why they changed policy. The kid in the math department finally came to the conclusion smth needs to change.

Mind you, nothing is set in stone here. Its just a borderline placeholder announcment. Before you celebrate, wait what the actual free transfer model will entail. This is Lizzard afterall.

You still do not get it do you? Everything this company does is based on money. Make sure the earnings reports are up to par quaterly. They do not care about this game or the players. Its about the investors and shareholders. This company spat on human rights not even 5 years ago over money. Do you really believe, when they announce anything, it is because they actually care about their game? Do you really think that after almost 3 years (thats when classic launched) they finally saw and understood the problem of empty servers and are now taking actions. It just took em 2 years longer than everyone else to see there was some issue going on with the populace on each realm?

I bet you could be convinced to shovel pig manure all day if you were made to believe there is a gold chest underneath all it.


The child just got its argument shutdown by Blizzard (or like she like to call, “Lizzard”, like a spoiled baby), and there it is with a bunch of wall text to justify why she is not wrong (but still wrong).

It really hasn’t. Your post was asking for transfers, which already existed altogether before you even posted this. They offer free transfer changes all the time. All of these transfers are not interesting even remotely. Now they make a placeholder announcment that they will do some version of this, without any details.

I can assure you, whatever the solution, it will still make sure you won’t get what you actually want without paying for it.

The fact that you still have not understood this, is the real tragedy.

mad cuz bad and wrong

ehehe you just wait, you just wait.

I like how you’re pretending anything Bankval said is wrong. You must be new to witnessing Blizzard behavior if you think any of this is some sort of beneficense. They’re doing it because they can afford to lose the transfer revenue now. If you think this is wrong, please articulate a valid and rational reason it has taken them so long to address. Please bear in mind Blizzard isn’t acting in a vacuum here. We have other examples of population management problems in MMOs recently. Amazon Game Studios–in their first title launch–has addressed this exact same issue much more rapidly and with more player choice.

Please articulate why Blizzard has been so deficient in dealing with this problem for over a year, since everyone who disagrees with you is “bad and wrong,” and let us not forget, a “child.”

I look forward to your (sure to be) highly intelligent response.

Thanks for your input, bankval alt

Thanks for your very thoughtful, nice and well structured comments on this topic.

Why the heck would you combine the casual dad PvE server westfall with herod and sulfuras.

Do you have a brain in your head?

Oh, I made a mistake. Perhaps you should’ve read the part:

e.g. = exempli gratia (latin).
Which means, “for example”.

If that didn’t give you an idea how that would’ve worked, and you are only paying attention to a honest mistake, then it tells me you’re just trolling.

And I do have a brain, you don’t need to be toxic for someone’s mistake.

If your life is miserable, don’t try to be the though guy in the forums.

Okay well obviously it wasnt a “minor” mistake since the one server you chose which would have been MOST of the alliance population in the combine is a PvE server.

Ship all alliance to benediction for free and send all of horde to Faerlina. There easy.

I barely play the game as it is and the money is mostly used to be on the forums. What you think I pay Lizzard 30 bucks just so i can have 2 forum accounts or what?

Hes a belf pally too which is even worse.

Then merge Benediction and Faerlina!!! Hahaha

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