We need clarification on multiboxing ban. There is more than one way

Very disingenuous… the engineering feat required to assemble a physical input bot capable of playing world of Warcraft would enable whoever built it to abandon the prospect of running a gold farming business in an MMO and make a small fortune in legitimate buisness as a mechanical engineer in the robotics field. While theoretically possible, the likelihood of any botters out there actually constructing a functional rig of that caliber is nil.

No way dude, the standstill farming everyone hates could easily be reconstructed via hardware and addons like https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/gse-gnome-sequencer-enhanced-advanced-macros

O.o Gnome Sequencer addon is back? Iwhen did that happen? I thought Blizzard banned that addon a while back… or well broke its functionality and sent the author a heavily set of restrictions that included preventing progressing to the next item in the list if the current item can’t be performed… because one button macros while not directly against the ToS, were considered to violate the spirit of the ToS…

You’re thinking of soapbox I believe it was called. I (think) the difference between the two is Soapbox made decisions for you whereas GSE only does what you setup the macro to do. So I guess Soapbox could refresh dots at 5s left whereas GSE would just refresh it every time it got to it in the macro sequence.

That’s not it. I’m just not naive enough to think that setting up some sort of over the top hardware solution as a loophole to bypass the no input software policy still won’t result in a ban if you effectively have the same outcome of one person controlling multiple characters who are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.


Not a loophole, hardware boxxing has always been allowed and is still currently allowed vs software methods that now aren’t.

They can’t detect the use of the hardware, so they would have no evidence to execute the ban.

WoW is not a court of law. Get reported by players that think you’re using key broadcasting/botting, and you’re probably getting banned.

Their stated purpose was to remove camouflage from bots. Why would they deep dive into confirming that 5 druids initiating the same actions at the same time, are being controlled by an elaborate hardware setup, and not just software warden wasn’t detecting? They’ll just ban, and then you get to find out if toeing around the spirit of the new tos is enough to be banned.

It’s not, it’s exactly what Blizz does. They ban without review based on reports.

You do understand that they updated their official policy to make it clear that mulitboxing is not against the rules right?

“Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our Terms of Use. Please note, however, that use of input broadcasting software may result in account penalties.”

Perhaps you are the only hears what they want?


So a group of guildees can go around reporting anyone they want in the name of “botting” and those targetted players are just going to get banned?

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Multiboxing just needs to be bannable by default. Blizz allowing this cancer in the game just to keep a few extra subs has always been insane to me.

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They are not going to ban anyone purely upon player reporting. Otherwise people would just run around and report everyone, by the end of the month there would be no one left…

Can’t wait for blizzard to ban everyone in the future that goes about and wastes even more money to get around the new rules.

I just don’t understand people any more.

So one day World of Warcraft was born, BOOM! And some people decided to multibox, not having software they used multiple actual computers. Then one day someone said “I shall make software to make this more simple!” and boom input broadcasting software was made for gaming. Then the other day Blizz said :stop_sign: no more software :stop_sign: ok so then people are going back to hardware.
There’s no “getting around” anything it’s going back to what was done before :man_shrugging:

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I hope they do bust anyone found using software to repeat key commands but it would change the fact that people will still be able to multibox, just at a more limited level. If you tweak your windows settings, you can make it so a window becomes “active” with just a mouse over. Thus making is so you could type key commands to that “box” quickly and move on to another.

Not as good as what they had but there are still option for smaller “boxes” to work.

Hah, what do you think multiboxers were doing to people for months?

:smirk: Oh do tell Mr. Mikoshi

you need to read what a KVM switch is. before giving a lame reply

Listen here Supfool, that KVM is running firmware and will get you banned :rofl: