We need clarification on multiboxing ban. There is more than one way

It’s not, it’s exactly what Blizz does. They ban without review based on reports.

You do understand that they updated their official policy to make it clear that mulitboxing is not against the rules right?

“Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our Terms of Use. Please note, however, that use of input broadcasting software may result in account penalties.”

Perhaps you are the only hears what they want?


So a group of guildees can go around reporting anyone they want in the name of “botting” and those targetted players are just going to get banned?

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Multiboxing just needs to be bannable by default. Blizz allowing this cancer in the game just to keep a few extra subs has always been insane to me.

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They are not going to ban anyone purely upon player reporting. Otherwise people would just run around and report everyone, by the end of the month there would be no one left…

Can’t wait for blizzard to ban everyone in the future that goes about and wastes even more money to get around the new rules.

I just don’t understand people any more.

So one day World of Warcraft was born, BOOM! And some people decided to multibox, not having software they used multiple actual computers. Then one day someone said “I shall make software to make this more simple!” and boom input broadcasting software was made for gaming. Then the other day Blizz said :stop_sign: no more software :stop_sign: ok so then people are going back to hardware.
There’s no “getting around” anything it’s going back to what was done before :man_shrugging:

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I hope they do bust anyone found using software to repeat key commands but it would change the fact that people will still be able to multibox, just at a more limited level. If you tweak your windows settings, you can make it so a window becomes “active” with just a mouse over. Thus making is so you could type key commands to that “box” quickly and move on to another.

Not as good as what they had but there are still option for smaller “boxes” to work.

Hah, what do you think multiboxers were doing to people for months?

:smirk: Oh do tell Mr. Mikoshi

you need to read what a KVM switch is. before giving a lame reply

Listen here Supfool, that KVM is running firmware and will get you banned :rofl:

odds are, if you’re using anything that mirrors 1 keystroke to 2 clients. They’ll consider it “automation” and against ToS.

The only way I could see someone multiboxing and blizzard not actually justifying the ban is if they somehow set themselves up to be able to up their APM enough to play 2 clients at once with separate keystrokes and clicks. Which, for just herb farming isn’t completely unreasonable, and may mean the complaining may continue there.

dont care. i’ll log in my toons from my 5 computers with 5 keyboards and still multibox. and i’ll alt tab the other 5 and still make people butt hurt.


The multiboxing community is convinced that they can just find some elaborate work around, and get to keep doing what they’re doing. All while ignoring the stated reason for the change:

Blizzard wants it to be easier to spot bots, they want less ambiguity when they spot 10 moonkin displaying feats of choreography.

Assuming the above is true, why would they expend any effort at all, on deciding if it’s hardware or software based key replication? Versus going “this is key replication, banned”.

Ummmmmmmmmmm can you link to me where they said this?

And I’ve left you a gift :slight_smile:

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I honestly don’t understand why blizzard didn’t just say in like 2006, like hey, botting is illegal now. The problem blizzard is going to have with botting and people abusing it and what not is that it is useful to the players who participate. Waiting this long for something like this is just not a smart move.

I feel the same thing about twinking. The separation should have happened in 2006, long before it was ever popular. Granted it isn’t against the rules of the tos, and you can still do it, but the ques are separated. So it is just harder to do. Ques take longer etc.

Same thing with multiboxing. It is just going to rile people up, and the truly dedicated players, maybe some of the lest dedicated ones, will find ways to do this without getting caught.

Is this still true? I’m no twinker so I’m not sure but I thought someone said they aren’t split anymore.

multiboxing isn’t against the rules so there’s no need to sneak around or anything

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The ques were merged in legion, then separated again in mid bfa in like patch 8.1.5. So unless the pre patch changed anything in shadowlands 9.0.1, it is likely they are in the same state.

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