We LiStEn oT cOmMuNiTy FeEdbAcK! - The elemental Nerf no-one asked for

Your class discord guide writer is literally the person you need to take this up with. Read his complaints in the class guide.

That’s where utility is more viable. The assumption is that DPS wants to be master of it all but actually I want to build a character that has skills that are interesting, Lighting Bolt spam is very unimaginative. Guild Wars 2 has very interesting class specs and skills to go along with it. I think this comes down to developers who are lazy and don’t want to create meaningful classes and specializations that feel similar to classic where you had engaging talent trees and skill ideas. For how much money we spend on this game, you don’t really get much out of it considering the rest of the chores involved in WoW. This is funny because GW2 is free lol I am happy paying for mogs there and silly how WoW isn’t self-improving.

nice responce, blizzard

Do you have a spare tub of Vaseline i can borrow, I know i should be used to it after 15 years of being a shaman but i don’t have any left overs because this was completely out of the left field with no justification and we have a supply chain issue thanks to a natural disaster taking out the rail network.

This is where I have to say: You are a fool. You are not the collective voice for Everyone. Nor are you capable of seeing much reason or sense I am afraid.

Good day! (I hope if Blizz reverts the change, they don’t for just you.) A personal screw you to top the 15 years of targeting you specifically with unpleasant changes. :slight_smile:

But they said this? They maybe read the in-game suggestion thing after all.

So the quote that is in the start of the thread, Points to the blizzard post for this particular nerf and it’s the first post in a thread of 400 responses, All of it universally condemns this change and the complete BS it was founded by and the BS that is used for justification, The collective has spoken and you can see many people here agreeing with me and they don’t even play a shaman.

As it has been pointed out numerous times, If it was about acessibility they would trade the damage off elsewhere, If it was about acessability they would address the MULTIPLE classes with higher APM to ours, No they just blanket nerfed and lied about the reason.


I miss my pre WOTLK Insect Swarm. 2% avoidance I brought for tanks was highly beneficial. They could in turn change attributes elsewhere to compensate for higher avoidance. Miss using Sap as often as a rogue used to. Mage poly? xD

It’s about playing for fun, but somehow we’ve derailed the point of a game now it feels a little too bland I suppose. I hope there’s a resolution for the OP.

ITT shaman who don’t understand that blizzard hears them, and wants all specs to be viable. So long as all specs is resto and shaman accept that their job is to be a healbot for all the big d–k blizzard devs while they stand in fire and stuff.
“And if they don’t like it they can cri into their totems or something”
“LOL we removed totems”
“Not for resto!”

  • Blizz class balance team probably.

There are over 500 comments across WOW Forums because of this and devs instead decided to listen to ~150 comments from a Warrior post.

I keep seeing similar comments. Many are saying: “Devs dont play Shaman so they dont know what to do with it”.

I think the below options are reasonable and effective in case there is a true “accessibility” concern with the Storm Elemental buff:

  1. Lower the stacks of the buff from 20 to anywhere from 14-16. This will allow for core players to still get the benefit of the fast cast LB and CL, but not make it less than 0.6 seconds altogether.

  2. Lower the stacks of the buff from 20 to 10, but increase the damage done by LB and CL anywhere between 20-40% to make up for the difference.

Either of the two above options can be with or without the buff being reset upon recasting Storm Elemental.

That’s clearly because they don’t, They care so little about us that they throw a blatant lie at us for why they do the things they do.

Am just exhausted with the bull…

The 2/4 piece at best gives LB back what they nerfed going into the start of the expansion… But it’s tied to the elemental.

The borrowed power game is exhausting. And Blizz, you’re clearly too incompetent to play it.

Gonna go download Red Alert and role play end of world scenarios.

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As someone that hated all the FFXIV spam on the wow forums and is completely disinterested in the game? The way blizzard has done us dirty this time, Not only by Lying but also by not listening to feed back, And then claiming we asked for it?

I may actually just give it a shot, I was super excited on the potential of getting Tier pieces this week and now my interest is just vanquished, Sure i’ll still keep fighting the good fight but wow it just feels so hollow now.

You keep saying that word, lying, but then keep ignoring that the Shaman community discord guide writer asked for this to be changed in a huge section of his guide by pointing out all the problems with it.

You keep bringing that up and yet i have a thread with 400 responses all of them condeming this change, And also people bringing up that higher APM classes did not even get touched, It was blatantly just a screw you to elemental once again.

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if you go to ff14 expecting anything competitive like wow’s end game you’ll just be right back here within a month minus the cost it took you to play that game. if you wanna rp a catgirl you’ll have fun. if you expect mythic anything that will also reward you for the effort spent? don’t waste your time.

They keep telling me that the Devs actually communicate over there and atleast that communication isn’t done with various forms of lubricant and lying.

  • Blizzard isn’t “lying” if the Shaman Discord Guide Writer’s literally dedicated an entire chapter to their guide asking for a nerf to LB spam/cast time

  • 400 responses from rando’s on WoW forums probably doesn’t have a lot of credibility in the Blizzard dev office

  • Other high APM classes are probably not spamming primarily just their filler button at the expense of the heavy hitters because some weird scaling issue made their filler’s surpass their heavy hitters.

  • The idea that someone is stroking their beard, and saying “ah yes, $#%& shamans” is far less likely than “woops that’s bad, lets kill it.”

  • Everyone want’s to be “compensated” when they get nerfed but it doesn’t always happen and the lack of it happening is not inherently malicious.

I’m not spamming my primary filler as a havoc DPS? Hell yes i am it accounts for 70% of the rotation

I’m not spamming my primary filler as fury? OR PROT? as a warrior? Oh hell yes i am it’s EVERYWHERE Devestate as a prot warrior is nearly 60% of my active rotation you use it while waiting for everything else and you are doing a lot of waiting.

I’m not spamming the tab key harder than any other keyboard as an Aff lock in M+? Yes i bloody am

I’m not doing out OF GCD rotations to go with my INSIDE GCD rotation to fish for procs as a fire mage and going far higher on the APM than elemental is? Hell yes i am

This was a nerf for “Accessibility” You know how you fix that? You could reduce the haste gained from those stacks but increase flat damage so the ‘acessibility’ problem is resolved without dumpstering the class

This was a nerf for “Accessibility” You know how you fix that? You balance it out by also taking into account that this “Accessibility” issue exists for ALL the classes that have been mentioned in this thread who have higher APM requirements and just as much filler spell usage

The Machine gun build isn’t even mandatory there were other ways to play the class.

This was a blanket “Screw you” because they said it was for accessibility that no-one asked for and then didn’t compensate in the slightest, This was a blatant lie, It was also the biggest screw you they’ve done to Sham’s around and they’ve been told to screw themselves since wrath repeatedly in multiple languages. 400 people vs 1? Yeah that’s a margin of error that simply removes the 1.