We LiStEn oT cOmMuNiTy FeEdbAcK! - The elemental Nerf no-one asked for

I don’t know where your got 120+ apm. Simulation craft had us at around 72 apm. Fury is at 76, Havoc DH at 73, Outlaw at 70. If 72 was too high then these classes should get nerfs as well.

Now if you put Aff into a dungeon add the constant target changes and it goes up a LOT

I understand more than most what you’re saying with sims vs realistic numbers based on encounters, but you’re coming across as a defender of an unwarranted (and quite sizeable) nerf to a baseline talent as the partial result of an interaction brought about by the tier set.

I see less frustration in elemental being mid-tier, as it will still have the viability to CE/key/whatever, but it’s more so in the timing and reasoning presented for the change. Days before reset with all of PTR to address this, and no compensating buff of any kind to address a blatant nerf in disguise.


Well, she’s lying, just pointing that out. Not all Rogue specs are high APM. Not all Mage specs are high APM.

Barely anyone plays Outlaw, and Fury is looking like its flavor of the patch.

We were in sims. I know sims are not equivalent to real world numbers but the potential of doing as much dps as them was there, now not so much.

Who gives them this feedback. Was it someone on the community council?

According to old sims apm was about 74, which was behind fury warrior. It wasnt most apm build, and its absolutely wasnt hard rotation build. It was required to do anything possible to make Wind Gust stacks actually not to reset, and dropping it was drasticly decreasing overall dps.

I think that in raid ele would drop those stacks anyway if shaman should do any mechanics. But we never knew it actually. Raid is never same as simcraft or dummy, u actually need to do things and by current statistics it looks that raid is not elemental shaman friendly.

What is more that build never was forced. Only one talent decides if you are using this build or not. Elemental shamans were going to trade “comfort” and “safe to play” build for “risky” but more rewarding, and I dont see any problem with it.

If they wanted just to make build comfortable and accessible, let any cast shorter than 0.8 sec, for example, be holded (button) for repeat use.

This is just bad changes, bad reasons.

It isn’t even a partial result, Storm elemental has brought us to that cast time the entirety of shadowlands Give/take depending on your stat build and environment, They are nerfing us and saying it’s for “Accessibility” When it CLEARLY ISN’T

The great thing about being any other class is blizzard atleast tells you to grab the vaseline, When it comes to Shaman’s? It’s just implied you alerady have it there.

This already feels like making a blind change based on assumptions. Most shamans in the community are fully prepared to say that they can keep the nerf of a 10 stack, but if the argument is not about the damage but how it is played then there should be some buff to compensate for the accessibility change.

servers are up

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If only they listened to our feedback! There wouldn’t be any maintenenace!

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They could of opted for stacks not to be refreshed, Or just limit to ten, Instead they did both and said we asked for it, WE DIDNT ASK FOR EITHER.

I roll Shammy on the side and I can tell you that this feedback is golden. I don’t know why the dev team and product managers continue to celebrate breaking classes! But precious hunters are untouchable in most instances. The skills matter and getting better skills that make the classes make sense matters. Hunters for example are set. Why in a fantasy based game, the magic classes are practically abused by developers and the like?

I mean this whole thread is based on the premise that no one complained or asked for this change but the entire official discord guide has a whole section dedicated to the degenerative playstyle this created, including “binding lightning bolt to your mouse wheel” and “binding lightning bolt to multiple buttons so you can hit it fast enough” lol.

[Time to hammer out a build | Storm, Earth & Lava (stormearthandlava.com)](http://stormearthandlava.com/blog/2022/02/14/I-m-sorry.html#how-to-deal-with-button-spamming)


The playstyle that has Less APM than multiple classes? The playstyle that isn’t Mandatory?

Where are there nerfs?

Everyone wants to be #1 in terms of damage. Well, time to face reality: In WoW all DPS will NEVER be equal. Ever.

To make mention of the OP topic, I agree that pressing LB every 0.6sec is redic and needed to be changed. Coming from a veteran (since 2004,) I used to be like you, thought it was über awesome to spam a single spell and top my (mediocre) guild on charts. So much that I opted for passives, and not extra talent abilities on many classes over the last few years.

Let’s play a week, gather more feedback than just (a seemingly salty player’s,) one track mind. Just because Reddit/Forums do not have people posting about the topic at hand, doesn’t mean they didn’t use other tools to report it to Blizzard.

I mean, you can’t possibly think that Reddit/Forums are where the most tangent information is derived from, right? Think of it from (another’s perspective.) Forums, (everywhere) are riddled with trolls and whiners. Its easier to use submit a ticket, or report a bug, OR Submit feedback. (Which sounds like many people used option 3.)

One final point, could you blame one for simply, submitting feedback? If your emotional plea about this change is as widespread as you say, anyone supporting it or asking for it would have been met with extreme hostility. (Look how you arranged the thread’s topic.)

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Well said, I invested so much time and gold prepping my ele for 9.2, just to have blizzard totally destroy the class for NO reason. The lack of awareness and consideration for player time is astounding.


Forgot to say, that there are some more classes with “accessibility” problems. Fury with just high haste (who is top apm now), firemage who requires using off-gcd and castable during other casts fireblast. Arcane whole 9.1 was a class who should hit combo during burst, and mistake window could be like 0.2 sec (based on arcane haste, which otherwise was worst stat).

People who have accessibility problems can use other builds (true for shaman, use fire ele), meanwhile any class on the highest skill levels may be not “accessible” for other person. I was playing mage SoD tier, with m Sylvanas killed. I never was good mage by my own or guild standarts, and I dont think it was accessebility problem. If we root deep into such thing, every player going play same thing and do same damage no matter what. And first part already happends at high mythic. Dont kill alternative gameplay just because that.

So because your class has gotten to a specific point, And we know that it has LESS APM (And thus less accessibility issues) than other classes we are going to nerf it upwards of 18-40% depending on your environment, Role, Rotation and other conditions and say people asked for it because it was an accessibility issue.

We already gave the feed back, This isn’t one player being salty, THIS IS THE ENTIRE ELEMENTAL COMMUNITY IN AN UPROAR the thread i linked? 400 responses (None of them from blizzard) all condenming this change.

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Your class discord guide writer is literally the person you need to take this up with. Read his complaints in the class guide.