We have seen only a small handful of legitimate players encountering the recently added instance limit

So, because a bunch of people are upset about a change that literally effects them in no way its somehow a LIE that their data shows almost no one actually is running into this cap through legitimate play?

Would seem to me that just confirms that a lot of people are making mountains out of mole hills

Its like when SJWs get more offended about things than the actual people they claim are so offended

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The same thing could be said to you regarding your own ideas.

Sticking to what you believe in doesn’t make you all of a sudden a “blizzard covert ops”.

Kind of misleading to come out and say when people are intentionally dancing around the cap, not an outright lie though.

Is my logic wrong with botters now needing 4x as many accounts to do the same amount of botting they could do on one account before? Or they need 4x characters lvl 60 on the same account to spread it across 4 servers to bot the same amount they could do before on one account? Is that how this would play out? Because if that’s how it plays out and a very small minority of the playerbase hits the instance cap I don’t see how its not a good way to combat botting if they’re unable to detect the software.

MAYBE just MAYBE blizzard can upgrade their detection software to be good enough they can revert this change and not punish the small minority of players who hit this cap. I’d be okay with this, I just want the botting and fly hacking stopped and to me at this moment this change is the lesser of two evils. I already said I have a lvl 60 mage I farm with but I can see why this change is good for the overall game and integrity of the game. They’ve done a terrible job with the bots so far I’m just happy to see any progress towards fixing this after almost 9 months of nothing.

In the mean time I’m sorry you’re so salty OP, it’s been a blast have a good day.

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They had the data BEFORE they made the change

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They never came close to implying this statement was relevant to any time before the change.

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Im pretty sure its safe to assume they wouldn’t have set the number to 30 like they did unless they had the data to show that that number would not interfere with the vast majority of players normal play habits

You think they just picked the first number that came to their head with no reason behind it?


That’s a big part of the problem. Looking and seeing that it would only matter to a player 1/day of the entire week could be something they considered “Not interfering” with that player, when in reality, it completely destroys the game for that player.

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They said a small handfull of players

They didn’t say that players only reach it a small handful of times

Here’s my take on it

It now requires now 4X the time to gather as much resource on the same server. So it doesn’t reduce the total amount of ressources gathered, it simply split it into four different realms.

At the end I believe it still hurts them because it’s all about supply, demand and the cost of operation.

Not all server have the same demand
If they move their 4 characters into the same realm it kinda screw their setup and it will cost alot.

In the 3 days it was up, only a small handful encountered it. With the majority being aware of potentially being locked out of raid and intentionally avoiding it.

If you look at my ‘normal’ play this change won’t have any effect on me. If you look at my past gameplay, you’ll see I will on occasion meet and exceed this limit drastically. It’s a huge problem for me to not be able to do that.

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OP your tinfoil hat is on way too tight.


Yes, not being able to farm instanced dungeons for more than 6 hours a day completely destroy the game. Totally unplayable. at 6h01 we are having a good time tho.

Unsub, if not deal with it. Simple as that.

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If a player can play 12 hours a week, in a single 24 hr window, and they wanted to spend all that time running instances, yes. It completely destroys the game for them.


Does it “destroy” the game for them, or does it slightly inconvenience them?


Making it literally impossible to do what they want in the time they have to play is not a ‘slight inconvenience’


Can’t argue with that, you are right. It might seems unbelievable but somebody on the internet is actually giving you reason.

Still, yes, it might hurt people who are enjoying the game this way. But the bigger picture is to corner the bots and “exploitative gameplay”.

For now, we can only assume Blizzard has evaluated all the possible scenario and this one was the less impacting for player and the most beneficial for the game.

They have data and tools to justify their move.

I cannot believe they are just shooting from the hip doing “try and error”.

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A lot of people bringing up these hypothetical “what if” scenarios to argue, but at the end of the day, these are just made up scenarios

Blizzard has the data that shows that this hardly effects any legitimate players, and of the small amount it does effect, how many of them REALLY have the game completely “ruined” by this change rather than just being slightly inconvenienced?

How is it a lie. I literally have not seen anybody on my server complain about this change in the major cities. None of my guildees in a guild with 2 raid groups has complained and the half of them have 3-5 lvl 60 alts because they’re obsessed with alts.

You don’t understand just how hard it is for the average player to even get close to 30 instances in a day.