We did it!

(Saltmasterx) #1


(Vulti) #2

It’s actually real… wow

(Efx) #3

These are PvP changes, which is clearly unintentional. Expect them to make a statement about how the post was an accident.




(Jawah) #5

Imagine buffing one of the strongest classes’ offspecs, so we can see even more of that class.

(Saltmasterx) #6

imagine being salty that the worst melee damage spec in the game got buffed. then imagine killing that spec in half a hoj.

(Jawah) #7

You’re the Saltmasterx, you tell me how it is to be salty.

(Saltmasterx) #8

not salty anymore. call me buffmasterx now.


Oh, please sub rogues are a cancer really good ones will be so damn OP. Good thing they aren’t easy to play.

I wish they had nerf some of their cc chains.


Frost dk would like a word with you

(Saltmasterx) #11

maybe you read that wrong… im talking about actual damage output. Frost/mm/afflock still need buffs.

(Jawah) #12

When a class has as much CC as Rogues do, they don’t need a high damage output.

The last thing this game needs is more Destro Locks and Fire Mages.


Us: This season can’t get any worse then what it is.
Blizzard: Hold my tablet.


Need to take away some of their control then. Don’t mind the buffs but if they keep their control then there will be a problem.

(Exalter) #15

Can’t say I’m happy about this. Rotating triple cheap shots and kidney on players while a Fire Mage pumps them with Gpy’s is the last thing this game needs right now.

(Saltmasterx) #16

Counter points:

Buffs arent in yet.

If you let rogue get to all three targets without him burning all his mobility then you should lose.

Playing to damp because nothing dies isnt fun or interactive. Subtlety forces the game to progress.

(Thedîesel) #17

Arms continues to be left out to dry.

Glad someone got buffed anyway.

(Danathor) #18

LOL@getting to 3 targets… cuz its not hard to do, right? I mean, not only will players have to worry about positioning as normal… but now oh, wait they have a sub rogue so make sure we’re all at 40 yards distance from each other so said sub rogue can burn some cd’s to triple stun us?

Sub control along with high damage is retarded, period.

(Saltmasterx) #19


(Danathor) #20

I want rogues to get back to the days of “We do it from behind”. lol