"we ban multiboxxers " Sure ya do blizzard

Blizzard never said that. Why are you lying?

Blizzard said they do NOT ban multi-boxers. It’s legal in this game.

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they also banned chinease gold farmers…

Software is banned not people me thinks…

they didn’t ban multiboxing just input automation. Whered you think they said they banned multiboxers?

Finishing of leveling a shadow priest in Dreanor and came across what is probably the same multiboxer twice on oceanic servers with I don’t know how many druids so he’s got to be using the software but he hasn’t been banned.

And as a programmer i know that blizzard would have the tools to tell that he was multiboxing to an extent that is impossible with anything other input broadcasting. He should be flat out banned on the spot.

You must have preschool level reading, and comprehension skills, they can’t ban hardware, or you couldn’t play either. Can you PLEASE clarify a few things regarding multiboxing

Input Broadcasting Software

Having multiple Druids and setting them to follow each other then clicking herbs is not against TOS, and that is Multiboxing.

What you think you are seeing is people using IBS or botting software.

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Actually they have never said that, actually they have stated the opposite as multiboxing is allowed.

lol funny how you were wrong and you proved yourself wrong with the evidence. Thanks for the laugh.

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Sounds like they might be bots if coming back one at a time. That isn’t multiboxing. You are talking about botting.

guys this is a necro

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I’m just happy to be here.

They did ban casual multiboxers who used detectable, use right out of the box software.

I like how everyone’s saying “ACTUALLY it’s not banned! Third party software is”
Yeah like multiboxers are going to just alt tab 40 accounts


I musta missed this memo.

That’s false. Blizzard has NEVER said “we ban all multiboxers”. In fact, they have said repeatedly that multiboxing is NOT illegal in this game.

Blizzard won’t enforce YOUR rules. Why should they? It’s not your game.

What you disbelieve means nothing to Blizzard. They’re a company. They can’t “guess that maybe possibly a customer is breaking a rule”.

The company can be sued for that. It’s expensive.

Hahaha. “Never” really?

They can make hardware broadcasting against the TOS with the click of a keyboard if it gets out of control and hits the economy hard again.

I know?
Not understanding what you mean by this. I report multiboxers all the time and get things in the mail from Blizz thanking me for it.

They only banned input broadcast software…nothing else.