We are winning too much honor points per BG

This is too drastic. At least meet us halfway…

good thing i didn’t buy my boost yet… plan was to farm honor on the boosted character for easier leveling but thanks for convincing me not to get ya’ll an EZ $40

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Identical situation here

you actually dont know what youre talking about these current honor numbers are not correct. You probably farmed max honor already and dont want others to be on the same playing field. I hope you realize if this change stays your honor will get wiped.

true, i grinded to have some stuff for the launch but watching the forums ill sit on my 40k. this indie company is garbo

And you can prove those are from official servers? Cuz like… um youtube wasn’t owned by google back then, so where exactly did these videos come from?

Just going to point out that I played classic since 2006, straight through wrath and did PvP throughout the pre patch, and also uploaded videos on youtube back then.

Nothing about 400 honor per win is correct.


lets not forget that everyone is a scout that gives 6 honor per kill

Guys realise this was about the honor that we got in original TBC pre-patch (before hotfix)… This is a complete joke and no one seems to understand the main point…

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What a freaking idiot the OP is. The values were 100% what it was in original prepatch. What he posted showed level 70s for TBC values. The nerf is way to extreme. Definitely need to meet halfway.

Also how ironic it is that the OP apparently got his 75k honor cap before reporting it…


This is probably the most negative feedback I’ve ever seen to a hotfix. This is the wrong kind of player engagement you want blizzard.


Y’all are getting worked into a shoot brothers

It seems so strange that blizzard would use unverifiable 240p videos as reason for the nerf. Have they no other data?


Recurring theme with blizzard, is it even fair to be surprised by such actions at this point? We’re peons’ trapped inside of a snow-globe, that just shakes money onto them.

We-Complain, but never do we actually strike at them with something that yields significance, so they ignore our strikes like a Prot Paladin, parading through Stockades.

Gives them an excuse to sell “honor bags” for $60 in the WoW shop


Sad but probably true.

we arent aloud to enjoy playing this game

not ever going to resub to this trash game again


Why would any normal person complain about this? Yeah, lets complain about it and ruin it for everyone else!


He’s not a normal person. He’s a rat.

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This is mega lame, there’s literally not enough time in prepatch to get a full set, most people will be lucky to get a single piece with this change. Whats the point of taking off the requirements for 60 PVP gear if no one can get it in a reasonable amount of time? defeats the whole purpose.

It should be reverted, or at the very least adjusted to something closer.