We are winning too much honor points per BG

Like I said, we all know how poor your social skills are.

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You messed up, homie. Even that busted score board showed the winning team getting 480 honor. We burned all four towers and downed Van for a total of 294 honor. That is about half the honor… is the change staying?


Guy posts video proof of 400 exp bonus honor

Blizzard:" HURR DURR 200 bonus honor maximum"

You guys even admitted you get confused by two layers of RNG and yet you’ve had titanforged corrupted items for the past 4 years.

I guess that’s why Ion is lead game dev because a “lawyer” at least requires more than 90 IQ.


I most definitely spent day one of the original pre-patch doing exactly this. I got my weapon and shoulders, which would have been impossible with these ridiculously low numbers here.


You’re actually lacking some braincells my friend. Disagreeing with you has nothing to do with social skills. The only ineptitude shown here is yours for believing social skills have literally anything to do with disagreeing over a subject. Stop being sad.

it wasn’t like this in real repatch, FIX IT!!!


Please listen to the feedback

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Your name is Animeanime playing a naked Female Human… do I need to say more?


Yes it was. It was less in real prepatch actually

Back in my pre-patch we only got one single honor, to share! And we liked it!


Get out of here, stop trolling please


One of the many poor interactions blizzard has implemented because (its just like tbc)

the grand interaction of hunters keeping there pet in combat, eat and drink, but cant be sapped.

Ah you have 1 month less than our original prepatch? lets keep it the same :slight_smile: you had 8 months to do naxx just do it for 2 weeks and get funneled just in time for launch!

Was not a bug. it was woorking as intended

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Those are achievement points, as it’s a retail character. They have 22 posts.

Posting before Blizzard ignores customers and locks the thread.

You would have gotten 4k honor

lets go farm for 100 hours to get gear that’ll be replaced in 4 (:

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another fan of playing pretend, i see

…no? I’m pointing out that it’s an alt to hide their main but also troll here.

Does anyone know his battle tag?