We all know you targeted Boosters

Sure, and that’s a good thing.


you sound like a person that works at blizzard.

I agree and good riddance


Sorry, but you don’t get to decide what “normal” gameplay is.


You’re correct. Blizzard does. And they made the change according to their interpretation of normal.


If they did, OP, I see no issue with it.

And non boosters/boostees don’t care.

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That’s not why they made the change. They made the change to try and curb botting behavior which has the side effect of affecting players who want to do more than 30 instances per 24 hours.

Yeah, and satire is an amazing thing, unlike this april fools 2006 joke that apparently isn’t satire anymore.

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imagine not understanding sarcasm

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I’m gonna be blunt but what Dot said was pretty much the reason why Blizzard did this.

You and many others may not agree, but Blizzard clearly wants us to play as if this is vanilla. All of the changes we’ve seen so far is Blizzard adding guardrails to make us treat classic as if it’s like vanilla 2.0 not a separate game completely run by 2020 meta gaming.


On average, how much time do you spend per dungeon (if you do 5 then stop for the hour, how many per each time through counting running back out to reset)?

Per SFK farm on my shaman it takes around ten minutes because I do a certain route and stop before getting to the last 3 bosses, I jump down and reset. After all the runs are done I hearth to sepulcher and mail my loot to a bank alt, and repair my gear. This is right at the 5 limit cap per hour. Now some days I do this all day if off work for fun/gold, could make a couple hundred gold if lucky. Not a lot at all. But I like it, and I like farming low dungeons using quirky sets. Thats why I WAS leveling an alliance pally as well to try out a thorns build.

This is what I actually enjoy in the game. I don’t raid, I don’t do max level PvP because the ranking system is terrible, and I use what little gold I make off farming to twink or level alts. You don’t understand HOW easy it is to cap yourself in no time with this limit. 30 is way too low. Also, if I wanted to do dungeons on other toons I couldnt now and would have to choose between what I like to do on my main OR running them on my alt, and not be able to do both as much as I want. 24 hour cooldown is insane.

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So that’s all you do, all day is just spam SFK? What about when you actually run on that pally or druid? How long are you in each dungeon on them? I’m just trying to get an idea of actual game time to help explain how hard it is for this to truly be a problem.

And it’s not a 24 hour cooldown. It works the same way the hourly limit works. When you go in the first dungeon, that starts the 24 hour timer. On your 31st dungeon, if it’s been less than 24 hours since you went in the first one, you’re locked out. At exactly 24 hours since you went into the first one, you can go into your 31st. #32 opens up at the same time that you did dungeon #2 the day before. So from when you walk up to that portal, it looks over the past 24 hours before that, if you’ve done 30 dungeons you’re locked out, if you’ve done less than 30, you can go in. If at this exact time yesterday you started a HOJ spam, then you’re getting 5 dungeon runs opened up within that hour.

To really be affected by this, you’d be doing nothing but basically selling boosts or nothing buy buying them, or just botting to be consistantly hitting a cap with your instances. Not that many people are consistently playing more than the same 6 hours every day of their lives

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In a perfect world, where you have a full group of boostees, take no breaks, never wipe, and finish every run in 13 minutes or less it’s still going to take you nearly 7 hours to hit your daily cap.

Also someone tested and said it’s 30 of the same instance.

Not me but a guy on EU said he did 30 stockades resets. Then had a different character attempt to zone in to stocks but was unable to.

Then had that same character zone in to deadmines and zg. All on the same realm/account.

So if this information is correct, even as a booster you could potentially do 30 resets of all the popular dungeons (sm, mara, zg, etc), per day and then go raid the same night.

People are just severely overreacting.

Tldr: 30 resets is a lot, roughly the equivalent of a full work day. The only people really hurt by this are mcp farming feral druids


??? So you’re saying they didn’t do it to curb botting behavior then you say it was to curb botting behavior???

Having a hard time deciding on an opinion?

Its really relative to the player. I would say I play 35 hours a week. However 30 of those hours I play on Saturday and Sunday because I work M-F.

The 30 instance cap is extremely easy for me to hit on those two days.

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If people think this is in any way going to fix botting they are on drugs. 30 instances per server botters have 20-30 accounts across many servers they will still be able to bot 24/7

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Can I just ask… why does he care so much? I mean, I get it. I hate bots too. But it’s an instance. Once he enters, he’s the only one in there. It’s not like he’ll have competition while running it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to target open-world botting instead? All botting needs to stop, but open world bots should be targeted first because they make it a hundred times more difficult for real players to farm mats or even just level up.

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Re read what Dot said. Dont like it? Get out. No one will miss you; we’ll just keep living our lives and adapting–something you are incapable of doing. Either way, it’s their game and you HAVE to play by their rules.