We all know you targeted Boosters

In a perfect world, where you have a full group of boostees, take no breaks, never wipe, and finish every run in 13 minutes or less it’s still going to take you nearly 7 hours to hit your daily cap.

Also someone tested and said it’s 30 of the same instance.

Not me but a guy on EU said he did 30 stockades resets. Then had a different character attempt to zone in to stocks but was unable to.

Then had that same character zone in to deadmines and zg. All on the same realm/account.

So if this information is correct, even as a booster you could potentially do 30 resets of all the popular dungeons (sm, mara, zg, etc), per day and then go raid the same night.

People are just severely overreacting.

Tldr: 30 resets is a lot, roughly the equivalent of a full work day. The only people really hurt by this are mcp farming feral druids


??? So you’re saying they didn’t do it to curb botting behavior then you say it was to curb botting behavior???

Having a hard time deciding on an opinion?

Its really relative to the player. I would say I play 35 hours a week. However 30 of those hours I play on Saturday and Sunday because I work M-F.

The 30 instance cap is extremely easy for me to hit on those two days.

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If people think this is in any way going to fix botting they are on drugs. 30 instances per server botters have 20-30 accounts across many servers they will still be able to bot 24/7

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Can I just ask… why does he care so much? I mean, I get it. I hate bots too. But it’s an instance. Once he enters, he’s the only one in there. It’s not like he’ll have competition while running it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to target open-world botting instead? All botting needs to stop, but open world bots should be targeted first because they make it a hundred times more difficult for real players to farm mats or even just level up.

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Re read what Dot said. Dont like it? Get out. No one will miss you; we’ll just keep living our lives and adapting–something you are incapable of doing. Either way, it’s their game and you HAVE to play by their rules.