Way too many belves, no?

And I’m saying you’re overexaggerating.

But… I’m not though? I mean the same thing can be said for the alliance elves. So many female velves and nelves and draenei.

I mean, I guess it’s hard to see when you’re one of the belves I’m talking about. It’s like a wolf in a field of sheep saying “I dunno. I don’t see no wolves around here.”



There’s one of them now! Flees in fear of the blood elf armada

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need to let some other races join the DH for starters. that would cut it back slightly. NB and VE for starters, then also perhaps, Draenei and trolls.

If the Horde had as many elves as you claim, the fourth war wouldn’t have happened because unlike orcs and humans (living or otherwise) Elves know how to just wait until everyone they hate dies of natural causes.


I see Blood elves, Vulpera, Pandas, Undead, lots of Trolls, both Darkspear and Zandalari. A few goblins, maybe even a few Nightborne. been a while since ive seen an orc or Tauren, of either type.

For the Bloorde!


Blood elves are a lot smaller than their earlier horde counter parts, so they evolved to breed extensively. A lot them may die off, but there’s a better chance for their species to reproduce this way.

Heavens no. There are never enough Blood Eleves.


Agreed, though my hunter is Belf I turned off her glow eyes to help reduce light pollution. Elves ruined nights in Org.

“As one of the few remaining Blood Elves…” the narrator says during the little intro after making a Blood Elf and I burst out laughing. They really should fix that dialogue.



there aren’t enough blood elves in the horde if you ask me.


dead horse topic, but

It has always made me more sad than anything.

Like music stores, book stores, retail in general, music in general; all things I used to like that were killed/ruined by the consumption habits of other people.

Clearly we need more Draenei. Preferably red ones.

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not really I don’t see many goblins and tauren i’ll admit , but I see as many elfs as I see forsakens orcs and trolls

I installed an Elf Filter. Gets rid of all the elves.
Azeroth is a very peaceful place for me.

Pffffft bruh, we must breed like rabbits or something cause at this point we basically are the Horde.


People want to play human like characters… even your Horde cronies.

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SO we’re back to attacking Belfs…tired of attacking Vulpera, fairy wings, late SL, no beta invite, no Worgen tails, Blizz shop sales, cost of monthly subs, …! Seriously people!