Way too many belves, no?

So just wandering about Orgrimmar, I notice… there are way too many blood elves. At this point it’s not so much the horde, but “The Blood Elf Conglomerate” or “The Blood Elf Coalition” lol

Anyone else get these feels or is it just me?


We are protecting the Native and indiginous Orcs and Tauren of Azeroth from the insurgent Night Elves that took over their ancestral homelands of Ashenvale and Stonetalon. You should be thankful as without us you might well of gone extinct in 2006.

Trolls are awesome however and fast allies. Darkspear represent as we rebuild our empire?


My latest alt is an elf. What can you do, they have best rig for tmog


haha yes lads this is a very controversial unpopular opinion that people totally do not repost on average

i’m sure most of you have not heard of it

also while we are at it (and don’t get mad at me please) this is a very controversial opinion and i might even lose some favor among these forums but…

BFA BAD!!! hahah settle down lads it’s just my opinion

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Did I get yeeted into the past when BC launched?


The Horde is blood elves and foxes now. Embrace your new normal.


I think they need so many so that they can help each other hold their weapons up - arms are really skinny - I know, it seems judgy of me but…

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Zandalari are pretty neat, but you can’t beat that lean european look. It’s science.

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I will have you know good sir that Fox McCloud is the best pilot in the Horde’s fleet.


Now that I cannot argue with.

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This isn’t new. I’m only slightly surprised that you’re just noticing it.

Blood Elves and High Elves are sometimes known as common bunny elves as they breed like rabbits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Otaku! Can you come over here and help me pick up my bow?!?! Thanks!

I think it’s just you.

We’re on the same server, yet… I see plenty of non-Blood-Elves walking around.

I take a shot whenever I see a belf

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You’ll be dead within 15minutes but okay.

we should have toss them in teldrassil when it was burning.

good elf are dead elf.

It be a great way to go

I’m not saying there aren’t non-blood elves running around, I’m saying that for every 1 tauren or 1 orc, or 1 troll. There are 10 blood elves running around, possibly 20.