*waves* :) I'm that multiboxing hunter

Hey all - this is Leialoha. I hope I wasn’t in anyone’s way over the last 24 hours - lots of folks leveling all at once. If you see me out and about, I am usually multiboxing 5 hunters, and I’m always willing to lend a hand. Feel free to message me for quest info or if you need a bit of extra firepower for that pesky elite. :slight_smile:

I’ll have all professions covered on my hunter squad (Dragonscale leatherworking for my leatherworker and Axesmith for my blacksmith, when I get to that point) so if you need profession-related crafting, I’ll be glad to whip up bags, shirts, armor, weaponry, etc, assuming I have the pattern.

Warmest alohas to all, and see you out in the world!

Valar morghulis.


Wait, so you pay for FIVE subscriptions?

That’s how it works heh.

I’ve got two. Considering adding a third later on down the line. Nice having a pocket healer following you around all day!

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With so many players right now, do you really need to do that? It’s very easy to find a group in my experience, and from what I’ve heard, Teldrassil was the least populated starting zone last night.


Would you stop multiboxing if you were, or do you not actually care?


What a waste of money. It’s also counter to everything that people wanted with Classic WoW, which was more emphasis on socialisation.


They clearly don’t think it’s a waste of money, also multiboxing in itself is hardly the antithesis of Classic. There were plenty of them back in 2004.


Its kind of a general sentiment - I enjoy the game the way I do, and try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but its always possible I stepped on someone’s toes. If so, I apologize. :slight_smile:


I mean. 15$ a month isn’t really breaking the bank. That’s one cocktail at dinner.

If playing two or five toons is what makes you happy, go for it. Hell of a lot cheaper than going to the club. I spend more on M:tG than it costs to support a 5 box team each month.

To Lei, glad to have a courteous player on our realm.


You’re scaring all the fish away!
old man grumbles


Sorry! :wink:

retreats to Mauradon fishing hole

Hello Lelaloha! I saw you out in the world yesterday and thought “That’s the nice hunter that posted on the forums”. Very happy to see you here!



Not sure if I’ve seen you since I’m behind the curve a bit, but hello regardless! Already specialized professions and everything, nice!

I am muddling thru dual boxing albeit badly :slight_smile: still fun. See you in game

Fumblefinger: Fumble fumble fumble.
gets in to the cloning machine
FumblefingerOOl: Fumble fumble fumble.
FumblefingerOlO: Fumble fumble fumble.
FumblefingerOll: Fumble fumble fumble.
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FumblefingerllO: Fumble fumble fumble.
Fumblefingerlll: Fumble fumble fumble.


I…don’t get it.

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Name changes…


Often time dual/multiboxers will share a toon name theme…

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/waves :):grinning:

I set my professions on my hunters like this:

Leialoha: Engineering / Mining
Alt1: Leatherworking / Skinning
Alt2: Alchemy / Herbalism
Alt3: Tailoring / Enchanting
Alt4: Blacksmithing / Alchemy

This way I’ll have all gathering / crafting professions covered, as well as having 2 arcanite transmutes available down the road. I’d probably be progressing faster if I weren’t investing so much time in them, but I’m not really here to try to get to 60 first. :slight_smile:

I’ve been hitting up the Deadmines for linen / wool for tailoring and first aid, and it has worked great. Never did see the Defias legs though - I had to grab them at auction. I’ll be moving on to Blackfathom Deeps next, and Stockade after that.

We’ll have to disagree on two points-

  1. Its not a waste of money if fun is being had
  2. I think it would really only run counter to what folks wanted for classic if I somehow started selling tokens and heirloom gear. :wink:

A lot of folks wanted different things with Classic. I like it how it is - and it also allows me to play in a style that I find fun and challenging from both a gameplay and technical perspective.

Ideally, the fact that I’m having fun and enjoying the game in a non-obtrusive way isn’t going to ruin your entire experience. :slight_smile: In all seriousness, I’m happy to chat with you in-game to get your perspectives, so long as you are willing to listen too. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post, its good to know there are other multiboxers out there who play with this attitude. I’m multiboxing with 5 and I do everything possible to stay out of the way of regular levelers, with the exception of the 3-buff combo that I throw on anyone who wanders by (fort, int, and mark)


Well, I originally was going to take the girls out “Just to do the starting zone quests”…

Well anyhow, Brill does need some totems! SO there is that, and its rather fun, not going to lie.

Down side is the gather X of Y quests, I have been trying to bugger off and do something else when I see other people on the same quest. Just to help em out.

Had a nice chat as well with someone who spied me dual boxing, was nice.