I’m out of likes, but +1 from me for this idea. It would increase options instead of forcing an all or nothing choice.

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I’m withholding judgment also until I see it in effect. I recall the portal change outrage being totally overblown, fake, and manipulated by 10 people made to look like thousands.


The way I’m understanding it is that once used it affects all of your alts mounts as well.

Whoes crying if you did the rep for anglers this shouldn’t be issue ,or thought of in the first place.Inflatable shoes is not a replacement for something that already functions.why did you grind it from about year? I don’t think so,if you did you would be ticked by now.
It’s not entitlement when you worked for it it’s not a given when you place your time to get it.But continue to think that way that’s why the game is losing subs and some your precious mythic esport and other project if this keeps up.

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Someone’s on a warpath watchout! :crazy_face::joy::joy:

From the blue post:

…with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

To me, that sounds like it’s a character wide effect, not an account wide effect. The item is BoA, but the effect is character specific.

yeah i’m hoping we’re all just misunderstanding something, and that while the unlocks for equipment and water walking are account-wide, that equipment traits will be per-mount.

i truly can’t see any sense in each characters mounts being locked to a singular equipment type at any given time.

but it seems very “un-Blizz-like” to let us have a different piece of equipment per mount/per character.
It would just be waaaay more utility than they’re willing to give.

on the other hand, it would be great for the economy if each mount per character has their own item.

This is something I’m thinking of as well. Would breathe life into professions.

You don’t even have to do dailies anymore if you want. You can just wait for Mists of Pandaria timewalking week and buy commendations now.

That’s 4800 Timewarped Badges (according to WoWhead), or roughly 9 Timewalking Weekly Quests. This can be reduced if you are human or save the tokens for Darkmoon Faire week or a Holiday with a Rep Buff.

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logs onto my human rq

I can’t believe this comment is this favorited.

“Earned”? Really? I get some people did the grind “legit”, but once Timewalking became a thing for Mists of Pandaria, the rep for the water strider just came down to having enough badges, man.

Any and all effort or concept of earning a reward died back then, not now.

I mean, technically you can also do it on any Horde character that turns into a human in Battle of Dazar’alor, since you also get the +10% rep racial while in the raid.

You just have to leave after reaching Revered, and buy the Grand Commendation from the vendor to get double the rep after that, lol.

Well if the effect is in fact character specific then the complaining on the forums isnt entirely unjustified. I try to think that blizzard isnt that stupid but they have surprised me in the past too.

Hopefully they implement it as I understood it and not the way you did.

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That doesn’t change the fact some of us did indeed earn them.

I grinded before the Grand Commendations existed. It took forever.

I have BOTH striders. Nat Pagle rep is no joke. Fishing up Lunkers is a GRIND.

Way to demonstrate entitlement.

Red is harder yeah? Since you can’t roflstomp timewalking on alts and actually have to fish :stuck_out_tongue: I dunno… I don’t have red yet. That’s probably why

Entitlement would be him wanting it removed from the game so they can’t get it.

He, along with me, and the others don’t want it taken away from US because they complained. Which is what Blizzard is doing.

That is not entitlement. That is Blizzard literally stealing our hard earned things.

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Uhh thats not entitlement?

He’s farming for Water Strider because its being advertised to be able to stride on water, until Blizz take it away.

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That’s like me going to your house, stealing your car, then screaming “Way to demonstrate entitlement” as you sit on your pavement crying.


Old content always becomes irrelevant and easier to earn. Today’s Mythic raid grind will become next expansion’s transmog runs.

If you need a symbol of your time put in enshrined in a permenant display case, print out a screencap of your /played and stick it on a wall each year or something.