Water Strider nerf IS bad. Here's why

The first one is free. You only need to buy a new one if you decide to opt out of waterwalking for a different bonus.

And the rest of my characters get free ones too? Im talking that i never want to pay anything ever to get WW.

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I have two striders I should get two for free if they are permanent slots for those mounts that can be used account wide.

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Hang on I found it! Liveblog of the Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara Content Preview Stream At about 00:58:00 he talks about the mount equipment.

This Equipment slot is on your character and once you apply a piece of mount equipment to it all your mounts will receive this benefit.

You are only one person. The vast majority of the player base use the other two mounts, the only time you really see exceptions is in zones without much water for obvious reasons.

Some classes like DK’s can ignore the water strider but for most of us if a zone has water we are going to use the WS. This is a good change, just use the item you get for free and walk of water on your favorite mount, no need to spam troll threads over something that is good.

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It’s BoA. You can send it to your level 20.

From Blizz in another thread:

Awesome. So if i switch to the dazed equipment and want to switch back to WW thats free too?

It’s just dumb. My lock had a glyph to water walk and they took it out. Why? Reasons.


Dude you just claimed this.

I point out I rarely see them being used at all and now all of a sudden you are saying there are exceptions and I am the one spam/trolling.



Wow, since when did they remove the water strider’s special ability to walk/run on water? It is a sad thing when Blizzard makes, what I think, a stupid decision.


The root of some arguments against this change seems to be:

This mount already had water walking as a established feature of the mount so leave it as is and give a additional slot to this one mount only?

Guess I shouldn’t throw stones at others, I just path of frost and use anything I want mount wise. Appears I’ll have water walking and a equipment slot for any mount.

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This is an ever evolving game, if you are unable to correct mistakes the game will go to the toilet. Water strider made all ground mounts obsolete. This is a mistake and it is being corrected.
Having the objectively best mount in the game locked behind a rep grind in an old expansion is bad game design. This is being corrected now.
Having an item accessible to all players that make a class trait completely and permanently obsolete, is bad game design.
You can’t twist this into a bad thing.

No it didnt


I’d be perfectly fine with it keeping it’s water walking without the slot. I already ride the mount I want and change to my strider for large bodies of water anyway. Its as simple as rightclicking my mount icon for me thanks to my macro.


I’m glad you gave examples of ground mounts that are not objectively inferior than the water strider, otherwise I would be confused.

Use your head before you post next time, how did I contradict myself here?

You claimed people don’t really use it when talking about people in the city.
I said outside the city you rarely see something other than the two said mounts. You comment thinking you = everyone when your POV on this issue is in the minority.

Go look around zones with water in the way and it will be the most common mount used.

I pointed out the only place you really don’t see the WS is zones without water, DUH the only reason people use that mount is to WALK ON WATER without water, of course, we can use our favorite mounts over it.

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I use my dragon mounts and saber mounts. Any mount that looks cool. Those mounts are not inferior to my water strider. It just has a special ability, because it was something special, just like flying mounts are.

Just do the reputation grind and you would have been able to run/walk on water.
Plus your a shaman. All you have to do is cast the walk on water ability, so you have no ground to stand on this matter.


Did you really need examples? Crossing water is a pretty minor part of the game.


Wouldn’t the same goal be accomplished by making the water strider keep its water walking but having it not benefit from equipment, like the Sky Golem? That way it is advantageous walking on water but worse on land (since you would be foregoing the daze protection or the parachute). Just seems like the most elegant approach.


Bigger question: right now I can put barding on the strider. Is barding now turned into equipment?

If so it’s a nerf and an indication that mounts should all have 2 slots. Because I did that ALOT.

Or the alternative is not to wait to activate flying until most of where you travel is meaningless.