Water Strider nerf IS bad. Here's why

It is possible they go for consoles when they go full free 2 play. Free 2 play needs a wider range of audience to be attracted so that is when free 2 play and consoles go hand in hand.

Finally I will be able to use my mount on water. Don’t give a you know what about this post. No way I will do some crappy panda expansion stuff for it.

so, my character have about 50 active skills. How are we fitting this in a controller again?

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How so? In every single game I have played you get new gear and the old gear is now useless, the only game I have even heard of that does not replace your old gear (at max level) every new update is ESO.

As for pruning, all of those games die long before they get to the point that skill bars are bloated. I think the mistake Blizzard made was adding new abilities to the game and removing old skills / placing them as talents. What they should have done was enhance the old abilities so we can do new things and grow as characters without removing the old stuff we had.

For scaling, tons of games use it and it’s not that uncommon anymore. WoW is old and really needed it. I can see why people did not want current content scaling but we would be 1 hitting mobs by now if they did not do it with how powerful our characters are starting to get. In 8.2 we are going to get much much stronger with the new stuff added to the game. Even with scaling I’m destroying everything other than world bosses with no trouble at all.

Except the ability to have water walking on all of my toons, for free, without needing to go to a vendor, purchase a consumable, and send it to every new alt I make.



Let me point out once again that at this point it’s simple to get the water strider without doing any Pandaria content. You can get Angler rep tokens with the timewalking currency, get to exalted, buy the mount.

The inconvenience you are citing seems extremely minor. especially when compared to an entire new system of craftable items and mount mechanics.

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Good luck playing Unholy on a controller :smile:

Which doesn’t actually address any of the concerns that have been brought up in this thread. Thanks for not reading, though!

Even the most pruned characters do not fit the controller. If you account for trinkets, consumables, mounts, etc…

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Old gear still has use for even level capped players in other games or are used to upgrade to new gear via mats. Or old gear is upgraded to be on par with the new gear. Other games do not treat gear as an afterthought like WoW.

Lineage 2 did a pruning of classes and they had to revert. Going from having a Shilien Knight, Temple knight, Paladin, and Avenger to a Siegel Knight didn’t work.

Scaling is used wrong in WoW. It is most commonly used in MMO games like GW2 and not in MMORPGs. And in other MMORPGs they don’t scale the world but they scale the player down which means they are still strong for end game content with top tier gear but they don’t overpower lower level of content. In WoW scaling is used differently and sadly incorrectly since WoW is supposedly a MMORPG.

Ret paladin could

You might be able to get by in the world but you won’t be doing any meaningful content.

Wasn’t making that link as a way to “address any of the concerns”(thought that was quite obvious since I didn’t reply to or quote any of those concerns), just posted it so it can be seen. Thanks for being a jerk, though!

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Ah yes…the special snowflake syndrome is strong in you.

I’ve just got to point out that this is simply nonsense. FFXIV classes have way, way, way more abilities than any WoW classes now and it’s playable on a controller. I think the people who bring up the “they’re pruning classes to go on the consoles!” are stupid, but to claim the number of abilities negates it as an argument is pretty darn stupid too given the state of classes today.

Yes, this is my point. This game clearly was not built for consoles.

Unpopular opinion-
Good, I’m tired of seeing ugly blue bugs everywhere I go. Plus the WS mount isn’t that difficult of a grind. Just use those inflatable mount things with your WS and pretend nothing happened.

I get the reasoning why blizzard has wanted to do this since WOD,I think, I guess they grew tired of the water strider being the go to mount most of the time. Remember at one point they disabled them, people lost their mind so the reversed it before it went live.

At the same time, I too worked hard for both strider mounts, the red and blue. So I can see people’s frustration about feeling they’ve wasted time since it will no longer be unique.

Quite honestly, they could have left the striders as is and still offered the boot effect for other mounts. It would have the same effect in the end. People would have water walking on different mounts if they choose.