Watch the New Developer Content Update Preview


The World of Warcraft development team is hard at work on the next content update for Battle for Azeroth. Join game director Ion Hazzikostas for a first look at what’s in store for Battle for Azeroth and what’s next for WoW Classic!

3% of the Player base must be thrilled

Screw Mechagnomes.


Praise N’zoth! :octopus::eye::octopus:

(Valyntina) #4

It would have been better if Vulpera were paired with something more unique like Ankoan or Sethrak. Then mechagnomes could have paired with gilgoblins :disappointed_relieved:


looks like mechagnomes get a full mech skin. sweet


I thought it was utterly bizarre they finally made changes to the AH. After what like 8 years of nothing?

(Teranin) #7

That horrific visions thing sounds interesting…


Watched it all. Blizzard you guys need to reinvent the Alliance where we’re not just a bunch of humans. Just… damn you guys are in desperate need of innovation for us.

(Phylok) #9

Blizzard I give you the finger over Mechagnomes. There are a ton of allied races that people wanted before one of the least played Alliance base races. Congrads to the Horde for once again getting something they have asked for.


More grind coming to a retail server near you, soon!

new AP grind
new essence grind
new Race grind

What’s not to love about retail?!


The BFA patch looks great!

I am, however, disappointed that low AP gains from specifically PVP and end of dungeon mythic+ keys weren’t addressed.
I appreciate that Blizz put a lot of time and effort into Island Expeditions, but being pressured into doing thousands of these to grind AP before/during a tier to stay competitive is, in my opinion, the worst part of WoW today.

With the potential removal/replacement of titanforging, the “infinite” rewards from m+ and PVP will no longer be a problem for spamming these parts of the game and receiving similar AP rewards to Islands.

Would Blizz consider increasing rewards from arena and other sources to give approximately the same AP / hour spent playing the game so that we can grind AP doing the content we enjoy most?

(Felryn) #12

new zone or…?


Don’t replace Titanforging with anything else, just remove it entirely. Thunderforging, warforging, orcforging, hotdogforging just get rid of all this forging RNG stuff. Nobody wants it


Mechagnomes? Really? What a waste of an allied race.

(Neralya) #15


Really hoping that titanforge revamp is going to be a mixture of reforging and obliterum forges. Would be nice to control how to improve our gear, even if it requires a grind or specific content!

(Raicolette) #16

This is what I feel about you Blizzard for giving us horrible Allied Races. .l…

Must be hard to give the Alliance anything nice.


watched it. Mechagnomes should have been just an addition to cosmetic options for gnomes… Really is a waste of an allied race. Was really hoping for Seth’rak so we could have some non-humanoids on alli side for once.

Anyone else notice that he said Mogu’shan Vaults was in the vale? That’s Mogu’shan Palace, not vaults :stuck_out_tongue:


But what about the Bee? :smiley:


Mechagnomes? Blizzard really know how to piss Alliance players. Pff…

(Grumbles) #20

Fixed with giggly intent.