Watch the New Developer Content Update Preview

gotta break that 2:15 molten cay tho

ps - teach me to warlock?

Account wide essences, please.
No more AP grind, please.


I’m just excited the Vale is finally fixed yay! And a new legendary cloak sounds nice. The patch actually sounds interesting. Guess I need to do the raid to unlock access to Wrathion now.

Those ARs were expected eventually but I’m not sure why Horde didn’t get Gilbins since those go with a (Goblin) parent race which each AR other than Vuplera has had thus far and are also super cute. Will Alliance’s next AR be a unique race?

EDIT: Top hats for Worgen Heritage Armor!! :fireworks::clinking_glasses: Awesome! (yeah still watching the vid lol). And glad to see AH revamp finally coming.

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Woo! Vulpera and N’zoth!

Everything else I’m open minded toward.

Cept the legendary cloak. Blegh. MoP 2.0 jokes gonna be all over the place.

Seems like those of us with the Gift of N’Zoth would get an advantage while adventuring through these horrific visions. Definitely a missed opportunity.

Anyone else hear some unspoken subtext when those legendary cloaks came up? Like, I could almost telepathically hear Ion say:

“Yes, those legendary cloaks will be incredibly mandatory in high end content. Yes, they will be very time consuming to obtain. And no, getting it on your main will not even slightly speed up the process for acquiring it on your alts.”

Odd that the Horde player can unlock an alliance allied race just by playing his horde character (Mechagon faction), while an Alliance player who wants a Vupera has to level a Horde character to unlock the Voldunai faction.


Doubt the Horde player will be able to complete the actual questline that unlocks the Allied Race, even if they have the Rustbolt rep for it.

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Or a hinderance that rewards something extra like a toy, transmog, mount, etc once you’re essentially ‘maxed’ out.

There are options for said gift, yep.

“For the first time we are going to see an Old God unleashed in their full might and dark fury.” Oh my, well rip Azeroth!

um I already exalted with both of those factions and I am sure mostly everyone is well.

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over my Classic grind to level 60

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YIKES Vulpera

Kicking the horde when they’re already down? Shameless.

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I was really hoping after that “Saurfang unites the factions” cinematic that the factions would be, you know, united in the next content update. Or at least we’d get two new ones not divided strictly by race.

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The new affix looks great. Ion mentioned invis pot and shroud being much harder to use. That’d be amazing, but I’ll wait and see what actually happens.

Overall the patch looks really great. The one glaring issue is the legendary cloak, I’m not sure I get the purpose of it, but it’s too soon to throw arms up.

I’m a little worried and confused based on the scenario and way Nazjatar was handled. Will Nyalotha be an actual Zone we can go to, like Argus or is it just an “alternate reality” that is sometimes up, aside from the raid? If the latter, seems like an excuse to reuse assets and slap a Legion asset in the area that can be called Nyalotha.

You realize how much they’d have to go back and change for a unified faction motif? If they left everything that came before it as Horde/Alliance and then introduced a unified faction with no backtracking, players would complain forever.

I am super stoked! Thank you for the amazing new content! You still have fans Blizzard, keep it up! <3

I mean, doesn’t it make sense that would be something they introduce via expansion and not a .x patch? I believe it’ll still happen down the line, whether that’s 9.0 I’m not sure.

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I feel like the Vulpera would be better off not joining the Horde. I’d love to see the Horde’s pitch. I feel like Ji Firepaw would be on the side whispering:

Don’t do it! I thought I was joining the cool faction, but these guys are crazy. They have a civil war every 4 years! Half of them randomly fall into serving obviously evil powers that trick them, and a quarter of them just like to be “ironically” evil.

I wonder if the Vulpera are only going to join to get vengeance for their burned wagons. And then they arrive, and the Horde’s like, “oh, btw, we’re not at war with the guys that burned your wagons anymore, but you’re just in time to get conscripted into a war with an ancient evil god whose forces will passively drive you insane and corrupt your people. Now get out there and fight!”

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