3% of the Player base must be thrilled

Have they been officially announced or are people still speculating?

If the former I need to start coming up w/ Borg potato names and hope there’s enough characters.

I like Gnomes. Heck, I like mechagnomes, but unless they can be druids, there’s nothing to see here.

There’s a long list of races that should’ve come before them, one only needs to read this forum on any given day to get better suggestions.

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eh, wait until its time for character model updates again. It’s gonna take decades.

Which is still a variant of human,only difference to them is they’re a bit bigger in terms of mass and look how much hate they were getting for being “fat” What were you expecting? tall fish people?

highmountain tauren are different, if they have a baby, it’ll be a highmountain, not a normal tauren. if mecha-gnomes have a baby, it’ll just be a normal gnome.


Yeah they been officially announced there is a vid about it

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This is some superb troll baiting.



It is sad that Alliance keeps getting the shaft when it comes to races and mounts let alone quests and story lines. Alliance could use a popular new race option but instead tinker toy gnomes. It is like Blizz is trolling Alliance at this point.


wait. what? i’m not troll baiting… i’m being serious.

Offical. 8.3 preview, PTR updating as we speak.

My gnomes are a bit suspicious of these newcomers.


I’d you are sincere you need to go back and look at how utterly ridiculous your answer is.

Basically this. Mechagnomes aren’t a race, their culture and appearance is too close to their original-selves.

Imagine in a future where humans upgrade themselves with cibernetics and we just go around saying they aren’t humans anymore, instead a new race…


How about something that is aesthetically pleasing to look at and fairs really well in most transmog gear? Trashgnomes certainly don’t fit that criteria.



Saberon, would use the Worgen model and essentially take up that allied race slot.

Not after the required stay in the NICU where suitable mechapendages are applied.

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No seriously Blizzard, what allied race is the Alliance getting?

Give us something interesting. Fat guys, dwarves we already should have had as a skin option (we got Wildhammer tattoos a while ago), and shinier Draenei are boring. Void elves are the most interesting allied race but that’s because it’s the closest thing to high elves.

Horde is getting adorable fennec foxes, dinosaur trolls, and their own night elves. Highmountain and Mag’har could have been alternate skins. But they have three interesting allied races.

Make me want to unlock the race. That hasn’t happened since Legion.


Yes it’s official. The foxes are horde and gnomes for alliance.

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I actually really like gnomes, if they could be paladins I’d racechange in a heartbeat.

but mechagnomes? maybe it’s just me, but the quad amputation gnomes are a little unsettling.

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How? The culture are kind close, yes, but I’m sure the mecanization process changed them a lot.
I don’t get your point here. Are you saying the gnomes shouldn’t have an allied race?

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You see it as a disappointment for goblin fans, but everyone else sees it as Horde essentially getting a brand new race that isn’t culturally based off of an existing one.