Watch Shadowlands: Dark Abduction

I hope you realize not only Anduin but Jaina, Thrall, and Baine were also captured. Tyrande, on the other hand, was prepared and killed her captors.

Yes, I said that in the same post you quoted!

Anyone else notice Teldrassil was in the cinematic? I thought it got burned down…

That’s more likely Nordrassil, on Mt. Hyjal.


it did get burned down… lol… like really…?

Right…so why is it in the cinematic?!!

my server is offline…?

Sylvanas abducted our characters too don’t worry. We will find them in the Maw.

It’s not though. That scene with Tyrande is at Nordrassil, not Telrassil.


For all the amazing feats characters can pull off… having two valkyr just come in and yoink the King is lame as hell

EDIT: Also Tyrande’s character looks odd

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“Noooooo! They took away the replacement son I was using instead of my old, dead son and now I’ll have to pay attention to my daughterrrrrr, nooooooooo!”


Don’t be silly. He’ll just have to find another replacement son. After the Fourth War there should be plenty of young men missing their father figures.


That’s why he’s such a war hawk then!

He’s trying to create a surplus of sad young men without fathers so he doesn’t have to engage, ever, on any level, with his actual blood-related daughter.


If they’re flying necromonkeys, then this should have been the dialog…

Sylvanas (to Anduin): “I’ll get you, my pretty!”

looks at Genn changing into werewolf form

“And your little dog, too!”


And yet Turalyon has already replaced him? So seems intentional vs, “oh woops Wowhead spoiled it guess we’ll put it on the website?” o-O

It’s The Wizard OF Oz all over again :laughing: To bad the necromonkeys didn’t rip Greymane apart like they did the scarecrow lol.

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Blizzard: Uh, oh. WoWHead datamined the video. We better make it look like we were going to officially release it early.

I guess all the Stormwind gryphon riders and guards were on lunch break as two death metal val’kyr just swooped in and yeeted the High King of the Alliance to the sky.


That was so stupid.

At least Genn yelling Sylvanas is meme material.

Anduin is useless. Can mass rez a whole army but completely forgets shackle undead? Worthless priest, good riddance.