Watch Shadowlands: Dark Abduction

hahaha she even gave her cat the name anduin :slight_smile:

So are you starting the Event soon than?

Flying necromokeys. Get it right.


For Sylvanas!!

Why are people surprised? Let’s recap Anduin’s cinematic moments:

  • smacked around by Saurfang in BFA trailer
  • has to be saved by Jaina at Lordaeron
  • does absolutely nothing of worth during the war campaign
  • his biggest moment is punching Wrathion, who basically just laughs it off

Seems like the perfect target for abduction. And even though the video doesn’t show it, just about every “leader” that is featured in that video ultimately gets abducted as well.


The issue isn’t that he got captured, the issue is that why did they have to focus on Anduin? I don’t know about other people, but I am tired of the focus being on him. He is a plot blackhole and just sucks up all the screentime on the Alliance side, the story revolves around him and it is annoying as hell.

Like I said in my earlier post, I would have rather seen Tyrande fight off the Val’kyr and beat their butts with ease to make her look more badass.


Because he’s the “High King of the Alliance” so he’s going to have the most profound impact.

Some of us knew they where reaching with this whole Sylvanas megalomaniac angle but to see them scrape the barrel so low just makes your eyes roll.

Anduin can’t bubble out of that…he’s not a paladin. He’s a priest


It’s the same problem they ran into with Cata, where they pick a couple of characters to give 90% of the screen time to and it makes people resent them.

From Thrall in Cata to Anduin/Nathanos/Sylvanas/Magni in BFA.

It is clear now, Anduin is just a priest with a sword, why he didn’t use divine shield there!?

A priest who uses a sword and wears plate armor.

Shame we don’t have a name for a class like that in game.


This doesn’t appear to be a video.

We don’t know that a divine shield would have done anything. If they’re using the same OP black goo that Silvanus used then its likely it would have gone right through any of his wards.

That makes more sense.

I think it’s more how cringe worthy it is. Genn just stands there and lets out his scream. Also where are the gryphon guards or anybody else around to protect a king. I mean Tyrande fights back, why didn’t Anduin and Genn. It just looks incompetent from an Alliance standpoint.

Absolutely agreed, this would have had a much larger impact if instead they added another… 20 seconds to this and had a scene where Tyrande cuts one down, does some Night Warrior mojo on another, then cuts back to Anduin being taken, Genn in worgen form reaching out and falling short, his silhouette framed as the Mawsworn vanish into the distance and he returns to his human shape, slumped over and defeated, the melodrama replaced with a whimper as he realizes he failed Varian’s memory and allowed the king of Stormwind to be taken, potentially to his death.


Because this would go against Blizz’s strict policy for maintaining an potato quality skybox in Stormwind.

Until we get the whole story, him being taken away isn’t a plot hole. You may dislike the writer but come on man.

Stupid. If only they could fix the game that easily. Maybe hire people with that Chinese blood money that know what the **** they are doing?

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