Watch Shadowlands Afterlives Animated Shorts

The Kyrian take vows to remain impartial, and to ferry the souls of those they collect to the Arbiter, and later to wherever they are judged to belong. Devos and Uther broke those vows and judged Arthas by themselves in secret, bypassing the system.

Arthas was likely Maw bound anyway, but the way they did it leads to dark places.


I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who did that! Tim Russ for the win!

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Its debatable.

I would think he would either be sent to Maldraxxus because of his military prowess or the Maw because of his actions.

Debatable, there are good points for him being sent to Maldraxxus. But ya either the Maw or Maldraxxus, couldn’t see him going to any other zone.

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I thought the same thing, my boy Tuvok here can’t wait to play it.

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I see.

It also looked like Uther got promoted early too.

It just wasn’t all that clear from the clip itself … or why it was “such a bad thing”.

I guess it just spawned some threads that didn’t make too much sense. “Your soul is damaged”, but we will make you Kyrian anyways. We will wait until Arthas dies (like he would eventually) and toss him in the Maw like we would get tasked to do eventually as well.

So yeah I guess the ‘no-no’ was that they skipped the judgement step. Was that clear in the video that such a step exists? All they said was that “uther was chosen” not who did the choosing - could have been the lady in the video.

Also also - at the meeting they claim the whole situation is “impossible” as if they can’t just bring Uther to the meeting and see for themselves. Does the main Kyrian lady have special powers that the other Kyrians or the Archon do not?

We all know what really happened, those who played during WOTLK, that was reality, what’s happening now is “new” reality, and if WOW lasts long enough in 10 more years we might find out that the Jailor wasn’t really a bad guy either just the pawn of whoever the current rewritten big bad is.

Had a chill go right down my spine watching this. Can’t wait for the next ones!


I mean I teared a bit a few times in the video.

They might’ve pulled Arthas’ soul back in Wrath, but time works differently it the Shadowlands. So it might not have actually been until sometime in Legion in the living world before they threw him into the Maw. This seems like a strong contender for what broke the mechanism of death. Especially given the speech the Archon gave.

it’s good. think for yourself for once.


Uther: The light shines on us all.

Also Uther: YEET!

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I don’t understand why people are playing the morally grey card on Bevos. This video clearly tells us that she’s the protagonist.

Tuvok Lives!

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I’m excited to see the rest! Also I noticed the last gets released on the 17th. Pre-patch the 22nd?

“I dearly hope that there’s a special place in Hell waiting for you, Arthas.” -- Uther the Lightbringer’s last words before being butchered by Frostmourne.

And Uther, Hand delivered Arthas there …



i hope arthas is back again … in wow we no you are never truly die , he comes back makes up with uther makes up with jaina , then slays sylvanas

Yeah, kinda took me out of the video for a minutes, was like… what?

Had to start over, as I missed about 2 minutes.


Where is the next one!?!!! The anticipation is killing me.

It has arrived! Enjoy.


not into the weeb cinematics, but cool

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