Watch Shadowlands Afterlives Animated Shorts

Few problems here. One the Sword is with a random player. Two Arthas'es soul is in the sword. Three there is no way his body has not sat there when the big fight with my Sylvanas fought, also the body should have decayed by now.

Ok, so I’m ticked.

I know Blizz does this every time - but FFS - when you advertise 4 different animated shorts in a trailer; WHY is it so much to ask to release them at the same bleeping time!!!

I hate waiting. -.-


No, she said that it was already broken because the symbol on Arthas’s sword were from the Maw.


Wow. Love these! Can’t wait for the next three.


Listen, I really don’t care about the lore of this game.
Its so low on the list of things that keep me playing and engaged with it, I could barely put it on the top 10 list.

When I hear that music over Arthas’s words.

All I know is that if Shadowlands finds a way to make meaningful interactions happen between absolutely legendary characters like Arthas and Uther again after all these years…

I am going to enjoy seeing what comes next.

Please keep up the work on the amazing animations! Best in the business imo!


You’re assuming that those experiences are occurring now. She told Uther after his ascension that they would wait until “he” died to get Arthas. The images of Arthas are upon his death when we -the players- killed him.

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Then how is his soul in my Death Knights blade?

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So much more excited for the Kyrian now after seeing this. Amazing job!

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I just really want to throw Uther into the maw…

The Markings on Frostmourne heralded from the Maw, a prison deemed inescapable, evil sealed within, how did the Legion, How did the Nathreim know about the markings, how did the Legion gain access to such knowledge?

The feels, brings you to tears. 10/10 Loved it, I hope all of the others are this amazing!


This short was amazing. LOVED it.

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I thought it was amazing! Great job Blizzard! You outdid yourselves again! I love it!


Please stop using this style of animation. You are ruining my favorite characters. They don’t even look like wow characters. We have all waited so long for more arthas and company, please stop ruining it with this garbage. Can we get a normal cutscene?


“I see… only darkness…”

This was such an awesome short to build up hype. You have to hand it to Blizzard - They’ve sealed and/or killed nearly every major plot from WC3… but they somehow found a way to bring us back Uther and Arthas to the story in a very feelsbadman way.

Super hi-def cinematics also don’t look like our characters, but I enjoy them. To each their own.


I wanted arthas to be redeemed :frowning:


I really enjoyed this. I have to give credit to all who made this possible.

I’m still choosing Maldraxxus (Necrolords)
But I still will experience other Covenants on my many other toons.

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Not super sure I followed the video (or at least the end).

Didn’t Arthas end up where he was meant to go anyways? Also, Uther’s situation didn’t really seem to change his outcome either other than he got to carry a specific soul and most of the time you don’t get to pick?

Seems too soon. Unless I’ve misunderstood, it didn’t seem to break until some point during Legion.

Possibly. I mean, yeah Arthas was probably going to get sent to the Maw. I think the key point there was that they bypassed whatever judgment happens, grabbed Arthas’ soul and threw (well, dropped) him into the Maw without him being judged first. Basically the equivalent of vigilante justice.

That’s how i saw it anyway.