Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio

Here’s the thing - Ion and his team are using a lawyerly version of “planned”. They mean they initially planned one way, and then they had to cut features, and then the “plan” changed from what they actually planned to what they were able to deliver. The new plan, in their mind, is a separate thing from the old plan, and this new version of the plan “always” included only three raids.

It’s obvious they cut a raid. It’s completely obvious. No one, NO ONE, is buying this three raid nonsense. There was 100% a cut Drust raid. We know this. I think there’s some sort of ego thing to deny that Shadowlands got WoD’d but it did.


I’m enjoying 9.2 :slightly_smiling_face:

There is. We know that Blizzard has an ego, they have for a while. I still think it stems from them believing WoW is too large to fail. It actually vaguely reminds me of Blockbuster where they didn’t believe they were in any trouble when Netflix started taking off. Too big to fail which means do the minimum and try to smooth things over with non-apologies and claim that they’re listening, but not actually put in any work to improve.

Now, this is the impression I have. I will also acknowledge that 9.2.5 is looking like they are actually listening. And we’ve been seeing more communication in general. There are good things happening. However, to any Blizzard blue that might end up reading this, there is a very long way to go before you regain the faith of most of the players. Legion was good after WoD, and then they fell back on the same ego trip in BfA and SL.


Amen to that.



Good interview. I honestly wish Blizzard would just stop caring about race to world first, it’s INSANELY niche and the vast majority of players don’t care. You’re spending time and resources on tuning for the top 0.1% of players. Honestly mythic these days is too hard. We need less raid difficulties to feel like you’re actually accomplishing something. If you clear normal you’re 2 difficulties short of actually finishing the content but mythic is out of reach for so many people. I think raids are too hard now honestly.

Also, good to hear Morgan SEEMS to be insinuating that master loot or something similar could make a come back with his comments on “we know the loot trading restrictions aren’t optimal and we are planning on something”.


To be fair they have to say that because blizzard PR is stuck in 1986 or something. Although I do wish one of them had some balls and just said stuff was cut due to covid/company issues. I guess they’ll parrot anything Bobby tells them to to keep their job.

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Dev: so what you’re saying is you want more eSports?


how dare blizzard do anything while Sentenza doesn’t have is 4 piece tier set

To be fair this argument doesn’t really hold water when so many have quit they don’t even show subs anymore because we used to cite it as evidence of howccertain bad decisions correlated with sub hemorrhaging.

I remember people saying “tiny portion” when the crapstorm of the no fly no buy in WoD happened.


I’m okay with it. I’m just worn out on the magical islands not connected to anything.

How about a return to Azeroth?

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“Under advisement” usually translates to “Yeah, we hear you, we just don’t care.”


Obviously WE don’t know. But web stats that Blizz has full access to tell them how many visitors there were, what pages they visited, and far more other stats.

Can you source this information please

Legit, nobody cares.

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" Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio"

um??? err??? watch on radio???


I’d only watch if questions like:
~ Why were World First Corporation Guilds allowed to hand out material items (like chairs) in trade for gear?
~ Why wasn’t the game shut down and the Jailer hot fixed when Echo demonstrated that Warriors could use an ability that took out a chunk of the Jailer’s health?

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They did this when subs were in such a low place it was actually hurting them to share these numbers. Guess you weren’t around in WoD, huh?


That’s what the graph looked like before they stopped sharing the numbers and the next quarter would’ve seen a SERIOUS drop due to the selfie patch, content drought and no fly drama.


Esports has lost its spark, to be honest.

It had its time but now it’s just annoying because there’s a lot of end game content that I, and other regular players, don’t touch because it’s aimed at the Esports-type, highly competitive players.


…? This was intended. Otherwise they could have just had the mechanic set his health rather than actually restoring his health, like with Garrosh.

The mechanism they didn’t intend was for the Venthyr Mirror to inexplicably interrupt his healing even though it is an uninterruptible cast.