Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio

Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio

The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has come and gone, and Associate Game Director Morgan Day shared his thoughts on the race and many other topics with Athalus of Warcraft Radio.

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I don’t know why Blizzard is taking a “victory lap” when the community is still mad at them about Creation Catalyst.

Very out of touch.


Personally I don’t care about World First.


Yeah. It’s cool that the race to world first wasn’t a total dumpster fire like it has been in the past… but nobody REALLY cares. We care about, yknow, the game we actually play. World of Warcraft.


When is the community not mad about something?


Impossible! There couldn’t have been an interview about it. GD tells me time and time again that Blizzard doesn’t care about the RWF and that raids are never disgustingly overtuned to accommodate for something they don’t officially run!

I got the impression from the interview that they were listening to feedback about this feature, and were planning to take it under advisement for next tier.

Wtb creation catalyst


It’s ironic that in this exact interview he says they are looking at feedback on releasing the creation catalyst early. I guess the hundreds of forum threads, multiple front page wow subreddit post and dozens of twitter post from various people known in the community isn’t enough. :clown_face:


To be fair, forum complainers are a significantly tiny portion of WoW’s community


We have a small window of about 20 minutes on Saturdays in which we all open our newspapers and drink some tea off the clock…


“We only ever planned 3 raids for Shadowlands”

Cmon, why can’t you just admit you reworked the cut Drust raid into Korthia, it really seems like it.


Yeah… they don’t get it. The entire legendary system was basically just a boon for the gold sellers and RMT folks. It did nothing for anyone else but drain the gold we had. They also completely missed the mark on the vault, its something that most people I know dread looking at because you put so much time into getting… a socket because blizz couldn’t bother just using a currency like they should have from the start so you could just buy what you need.

goes off and rages elsewhere

But seriously… they are way out of touch if they think this was successful. These systems had malicious intent in them from the start in my opinion.


GD doesn’t represent the player base/community.


My favorite part was listening to him talk about how you expect us all to believe that three raids were always planned.


People keep saying that and they keep being wrong, GD is just a statistical sample of the player base. I am extremely frustrated people don’t get that. It’s like saying “Well we can’t do this unless we know for sure that every single possible player agrees.” They won’t. But GD is basically just a statistical sample of the larger game, which should tell people that if GD is this toxic so is the larger playerbase.


Except it’s not wrong, statistical sample implies that the sample size is known. We don’t know how many people visit these forums each day, there’s no way for any of us to determine what the sample size is.

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He hesitates before quickly turning the conversation to avoid elaborating on the answer.

I really wish Blizzard wouldn’t keep things like that hidden. There’s absolutely no way they actually planned Shadowlands out the way it ended up. Just own up to mistakes and take steps to do better, that shouldn’t be so hard.


Lol. They take the small victories where they can

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Players on GD are always QQing about something though. (And it’s generally the same people)