Warsong Gulch War Games

I was getting tilted reading this thread for a bit. Then I used the ignore button that the 3000+ post bozo was talking about, went back through it, and its a much better thread now.

Now that thats out of the way, Wargames are the best news I’ve heard in Classic so far. I’m super excited to play with other competitive teams and players. Hope it all works.


Neither did starting in MC with 1.12 talents.
Nor did group AV Qs.
Also itemization seems bonkers for the current content.
Wait, why are hunters pets pathing to the front of mobs?
Hold on, why are the graphics better?
Now see here, why am I not able to scout the other team before the BG begins?!
Where the heck is the BG portal?!

Oh right this is classic not vanilla. These features exist in classic not vanilla.

Players: #nochanges, that’ll show em!
Blizzard: Hold my beer while I frakenstein this game.

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Actually they are. They said what build we were launching on.

Not only weren’t you listening, you thought you wanted it when you didn’t.

I really enjoy classic a lot actually. Enough to level 2 60s and rank them both to rank 8. (warrior is only 6 we’re getting there!)
Also the only thing you addressed was the 1.12 patch. Were AV group Qs in classic?
How about blank scoreboards before games? Why cant I MC people out of the instance portal? I get that they explained a lot during the lead up. They explained a lot of changes.

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It’s no one’s responsibility than your own to read a 16 year old meta.

I don’t care if they leave /wg in game, I just expect them not to. Just as I don’t expect them to break premades.

So you understand that there have been numerous “changes” from the start and this isnt vanilla though right?

I expect them to keep making changes is my point. We can disagree about premades but acting like there isnt a valid discussion to be had is just dogmatic.

Also :Are Wargames here to stay? - #4 by Kaivax


Yes, let’s bring over wow tokens while we’re at it.

Nah, but wargames are a fun “change”

Plan on doing it with my guild for sure.

I do, sure. The changes and design intentions shown in the past make me to believe that they’ll hotfix it out but we can only wait and see.

I’m just stating to check your expectations before being disappointed.

I’ma go ahead and reiterate for you bohzo




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This won’t end well. Oh dear.

Thanks for the notice. Wargames are cool, live it up.

Skipping WSG as a druid? Honestly even with these “exploits” you are missing out on possibly the funnest experience you will ever have as a druid in classic. I highly recommend at least giving a flag running build a try for a few weeks.

Now would be the time for the surprised Pikachu - it has been confirmed to be intended.

EDIT: nevermind, I see it was already done.

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Got you, fam.

Keep no changes up until after Naxx. After Naxx, do whatever with the game. Add wargames, open up new dungeons, new zones, etc…Some would say that this is TBC but keeping things within Azeroth and not having flying mounts would be a great way to expand the Classic lifespan. There are a few places that have never been addressed (locked up SW area with a swirling instance, Old IF) that would prove to be great content.

I really like the idea of Wargames though, I hit rank 13 in Vanilla and always wished for a more compeititve PvP system. BC was a nice touch but I really love the Vanilla platform and think it would be really great.

Wall jumping was in vanilla … so I guess they decided its not an exploit , more like unintended game mechanics.
I don’t like it either, the druid flag stuff in warsong gulch is so dumb. you should have to run up the fricken middle or close.

That style of playing isn’t world of Warcraft , people who find cheap ways to win is lame, pvp isn’t pvp anymore its more like well how can we afk or exploit or lose to win.

All bugs are not bad bugs.

A good example I use is Street Fighter II - the links that allowed for combos were not intended in the game, but they are the reason fighting games have become so complex and competitive today.

Jumps in Warsong are just accepted as part of the competitive end of it, and to be honest they add a lot more depth to how the game is played at a competitive level.