Warsong Battalion: Imperial Defenders of the Realm

For eleven long years Warsong has represented the primary strength of the Horde. For eleven long years Warsong has defended not only the Horde but the Realm at large. For eleven long years, when forces who would seek to destroy or enslave Emerald Dream arrived, it is Warsong Battalion who has risen to meet them and drive them back.

Often assigned the moniker “Warsong Empire” we strive to provide the best environment we can for both casual and serious players alike. We accomplish this by fostering a community that allows talent to rise to the top. Warsong is a pure meritocracy. What you put in is what you get out. If you love the guild, it will love you back.

Content we currently offer:

World PvP - World PvP is our focus. We’ve been doing it for a very long time and we do it the best. Organized, fast-moving and decisive, Warsong dominates the WPvP scene. Always capable of brushing itself off and coming back harder and faster than before. While capable of fielding a reasonable amount of players, we prefer hyper-organization and tactical flexibility over raw numbers.

Rated Content - The rated scene in Warsong right now is the largest it has ever been with players at all different skill levels for you to cut your teeth with and improve. While RBGs are the primary focus here, there are also a ton of arena-minded players always on the grind and looking for people to play with.

RP - As Emerald Dream is a RP server, it only makes sense that we’d do RP! If you want an idea of what Warsong RP is like, I like to imagine it would be similar to the daily life of a Prussian soldier under Frederick the Great.

PvE - Due to desire for the slime cat mount the PvE wing has been reopened pending the desires of the group. Currently running N Fated Raids to farm our people mounts. A serious PvE arm lead by CE raid leaders will be officially reopened in Dragonflight with a fun but progression oriented mindset.

Content we plan to offer in Dragonflight:

More Roleplay - We are currently working on setting multiple initiatives in place to expand and hone our RP wing into dedicated content.

Heroic and Mythic Raiding - PvE was originally off the table until Dragonflight but I’m a sucker and enough people asked me if I could start early so we could get mounts. Team will be led by CE-experienced leaders and will as stated above will strive to meld fun and progression. There will be no experience requirements, only that players meet the expectations and requirements of their peers.

World PvP Gearing- While the system isn’t entirely fleshed out yet Warsong will almost certainly engage in gearing via WPvP for our members.

Everyone has content in some form or another though. What makes Warsong unique? Well apart from having all of the above, our culture. As stated earlier, Warsong is a meritocracy that encourages talent to rise to the top.

Members - The Tireless Legionary - What does it mean to be a member of the Warsong Empire? The barrier for entry is quite low here but it’s a result of a part of our core philosophy rather than a desire for raw recruit numbers. We believe that everyone deserves a chance. Be that to show they have what it takes, to turn over a new leaf or maybe just be a part of something greater. That said, once a new member joins up, they will quickly find out just how much content is on tap here and be encouraged to try and establish themselves. We highly encourage socializing in discord and taking part in guild events. We only ask that members recognize that they bear a guild tag with a powerful and storied history, the officers and especially the GM have worked tirelessly to cultivate that and in line with recognizing our history, appreciate our objectives and seek to further them. We encourage camaraderie and group-play for teambuilding and success, all while having fun.

Officers - Freedom of Thought, Unity of Action - Those members who find their place and prove themselves to be capable and reliable will at one point or another be approached by Warsong leadership. The meritocracy wouldn’t work if we didn’t watch our members thrive! At this point, two paths lie before them. They can accept the officer position and be promoted to a Jr. Officer or they decide leadership isn’t for them, we will promote them to the highest member-rank possible. If they decide in the future that they want to be an officer, then an officer can talk with them and go from there.

Our leadership operates in a parallel structure. Social and RP officers in one column and the PvP Officers in the other. This system allows people with different sets of talents to rise to the top in their respective areas and not just stagnate because leading a raid simply isn’t for them.

We bring the light of civilization to Emerald Dream! WPvP-focused but not restricted. We’re an organization that facilitates and encourages camaraderie and group-play. Be a part of something greater.


Remember, we have free ice cream at the Gurubashi Arena and lots of Magni’s special reserve rum.

Also if you want to wpvp and like teamwork… come join and have fun :slight_smile:


Sure did, out drank all the dwarves including Pragus. It was a sight. They ran out of ale and rum pretty fast.


Hunh, was wondering what happened to it. I was feeling thirsty and was in the neighborhood only to find it all gone.


Greetings comrades. Any of you guys playing WotLK?

Glad to see you’re all still alive :slight_smile:

We had an excellent defense of Orgrimmar last night.


Yeah that was a blast


I started On Earthen Ring when WoW first released. I played 5 months into Burning crusade and Won WoW. I am back now with a new account and characters looking for a home for my little Forsaken. Is there a LvL requirment, if not then I would love to join!

We typically just invite 60s but if you plan on levelling efficiently, you can join up. We’ll just need to have a brief conversation first.

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Hi everyone, I am a new death knight to the game, can I join your guild?

Of course man WSB is highly inclusive



hi lluagor


Great World-PvP these past few days. Our enemies will know no peace! Glory to the Warsong Empire!


Warsong Battalion cares.

For the past 11 years Warsong Battalion has striven to be a source for good on the realm. We’ve protected Emerald Dream from both foreign and domestic threats. We don’t do this for any kind of recognition; we do it because we care. Our diverse leadership offers a wide array of problem-solving solutions that we in turn use to benefit Emerald Dream. Being a part of the Warsong Empire means you won’t be washed away as a number or used to fuel the ego of some crazy community leader. We treasure each and every member that enlists and are more than happy to welcome new and returning players looking to make their mark! Even members of guilds that see us as some kind of rival or enemy are welcome. We’ll see -you- as a friend.

<3 Emerald Dream


Ayyy… only reason I came back to WoW tbh. But. I’m so behind since it’s been like 5+ years since I touched this game. :confused:

Hey, add me back to btag- Legend#1107.

We’ll get you set up.

I love doing WPvP and RBGs with Warsong! The discord is also full of active and friendly people to chat with :grin:


Warsong is stronger than ever. We are the soul of Emerald Dream and we will fight to the end against those who would do Her harm.


There are those who bandy honeyed words about how they would create a community to make Emerald Dream a better place. Sweet poison, created by and consumed by those who seek to usurp the culture and pride of a realm not theirs to begin with. Vagabonds who just barely rolled into town and seek the destruction of the things that make us great, that make us unique. Warsong stands against you. This is our home. We have safeguarded it for a long time against great and terrible foes and will continue to do so as the people demand.

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