Warriors need a nerf. They are bugged

Then my original points stand.

They’re not tuning classes.

Just runes.

They literally have

just their rune damage.

The last 3 weeks not a single base spell has been buffed or nerfed.

Pets aren’t a ability or spell.

It’s impressive how hard you’re trying to move the goalposts just to justify your doomsaying

Then again this isn’t the first time I’ve seen such garbage takes from you, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised

Show me where classes are being tuned outside of their runes.

i’ll wait.


I already did

Nevermind that your insistence on specifying runes is irrelevant anyway, because runes are still part of “class tuning”

Yes and with this change it also changed them on era.

They cannot tune classes without affecting era servers.

You’re going to throw your back out, those goalposts are pretty heavy

Are you calling pets a class?..


Pets are part of the Hunter class, yes

But are they an actual class?..

Can I create a pet in the character selection screen?

Oh okay.


Irrelevant. They are part of the class. Therefore adjusting them is class tuning

You cannot create a “totem” in the character creator, but adjusting them would still be shaman class tuning

Are you feeling okay? Is this some sort of cry for help?

It’s very relevant since my post was that they can only tune runes without affecting era servers.

Tuning pets is not “tuning actual classes”

They cannot touch base spells without affecting another game.

therefore they cannot tune the scaling.

You keep saying this like it means anything. Tuning runes, just like tuning pets, is still class tuning

But they can’t touch scaling for classes.

Which is a MASSIVE part of tuning.

So “hunters will get scaling tuning later” doesn’t actually exist.

“warriors base damage will get nerfed later” isn’t possible.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk

How very shortsighted of you. Shame you can’t really recognize the potential of future runes and how they may or may not affect the strength of a given class

I hope you get the help you so desperately need soon, though. As for me, I’ve had enough of dealing with you

Appreciate you.

Let me know when you want to get proven wrong in another discussion.

You always run away when you get backed into a corner and result to insults.

Hopefully you get the help you deserve at how quickly you become hostile on a forum.


inb4 “nerf pets”


Buddy, lightning breath and scorpid poison both had their damage values adjusted.

And it also adjusted those values on era.

Which is why they don’t actually tune classes like “reduced hunter’s damage by 10%”

Because it affects era hunters.

So the safe bet is to adjust runes because runes aren’t in era.

thats my point.

“buddy” :dracthyr_crylaugh:

warriors got some of the most boring runes along with hunters, let em be strong because they got some bad ones