Warriors, indeed need nerfs

Can promise you i blew absolutely all my cds to keep him alive. I’m the healer.

I don’t have any control over what the other warrior does.

Nerfs to warriors are inevitable

self employed :grinning: :smoking:

no. its more mobile

It’s only unfun to healers cuz they have to do nothing but sit back and pve heal. I have fun in caster vs caster games.

My last two lobbies had double warrior, paired with a feral for the first game, then a DH for the next game. I tanked from 1640 to 1500 winning 3 out of the 12 total rounds due to a solid Rsham. Both arms warriors were slapping 90k mortal strikes, spear, and 40k overpowers like no ones business. The feral was opening with 120k ferocious bites. Meanwhile I’m like, let me amplify weakness, try to juke fear, then hopefully get a UA out, oh no healer is CC’d by storm bolt, let me use DP, oh no, DP didn’t do anything let me use soul burn healstone, oh no theres spear, let me soul burn gateway, dam, I’m globaled, let me try to MC warrior, oh thank you now ill gateway after spear has done 75k in damage, oh wow theyve already closed that gap. RIP 90k Mortal strike into an execute, meanwhile the feral is doing 800k and AOE damage because we’re on a cat walk with limited space to run without LOS’ing heals.

Rock wishes for all scissor lobby. Scissor wishes for all paper lobby. Paper wishes for all rock lobby.

Warlocks are mushrooms.

ruh roh shaggy

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Had this lobby on my first RSS queue as SV and it was a nightmare

What, in what reality is this true? Honesty what exactly has the rework done that makes this the case, what main things are changing? Do rets fly around on wings now

Well we get an instant flash of light every 6 seconds. Can crit heal like 100k. We have a 20 yard melee range on almost all of our abilities. If you let us get near you, autoattacks hit hard because of Crusading Strikes. Divine Protection + Seal of Vengeance is bae. We have dots, reliable snare.

I do appreciate, however, that you saw someone say “Rets can kill locks now” and your instant reaction was a snap of utter disbelief. Kinda paints a picture of how strong Warlock has historically been when the thought of losing to someone does that

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Oh geez

Also well I just played in an era where counters were more emphasized. Coming back every other expansion and seeing things at times like rogues and mages with sustain or warlocks being mobile really bamboozles the brain. Context behind a paradigm shifting is always nice to have

I mean, hard class counters have always been a thing. Ret’s always struggled with warlocks in the same way that warlocks typically struggle against warriors in the same way warriors struggle against frost mages in the same way frost mages struggle against marks hunters, etc.

Ya like how no one has ever struggled against ret lol (except occasionally warrior)

And for 10.0.7 everyone will.

Warriors before we had absurd levels of self healing. We just got out matched by the 3 health bar fight and unmitigated damage.

To be fair, back in the days before Warrior had self healing, Ret was barely not even close to a functional spec and was generally the laughingstock of wow

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wrath of the lich king? (warrior had some healing but nothing like we have now)

Wrath was the first time Ret was a functional spec for sure

For the 900th time, representation is a venn diagram. Warrior is so high because it’s midle section is the largest; with one side of the pie being “fun” and the other being “good”.

People play warriors en mass because it’s good, they have fun playing it, and it’s infinitely better against where the majority of the ladder is (rat leagues bad players) than it is at higher MMR.

To be very clear; warrior is very good, but not anywhere near as good as you guys think they are, and when they Q in to triple wizard lobbies like is infinitely more common @ high mmrs, their lives are absolute nightmares and they get blasted.

Warrior is fine man.


even when warrior is doodoo you still see a lot of em. Warrior is a very familiar archetype that people flock to. Everyone knows a warrior in any game has a big weapon and smashes people with it. Fewer people have a clear idea of what a shadow priest (as a random example) is. So even if both classes are somehow measurably equally balanced, you would probably still see a ton more warriors than shadow priests.