Warrior or rogue?

Have decided to experience the BFA side fully on the horde and would love to know: warrior or rogue?

I mainly solo… and when I do group stuff, it’s not pushing mythics. Also like BGs :blush:

Which do you like for these categories??

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warrior hands down only good spec for rogues pvp is assassin and outlaw is for m+.

warrior you got arms and fury and bot are good for everything.

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Warrior, to open nice shields, 2H swords and even staff transmogs. :star_struck:

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fury warrior is super fun for bgs.

Warrior!! Rogues are good for stealth and sneaky attacks, but warriors will tear things up fast. I enjoy my fury warrior.

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I recommend rogue for the stealth aspect (and there are tons of mobs in Naz and Mechagon.)


Warrior. Fury if it’s your first venture into the Warrior class. Once you have decent weapons, you’ll be a wrecking ball.


not even remotely true. haha

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ask tmpikaboo what the best spec is…lmao.

Not true. Sub is still fine if you play it right. And the suggested build for pvp is not as great as nightstalker+enveloping shadows.

well by the op post he wont be playing sub right if he is just solo and doing bg’s.he wont be top tier so make it easy for him.

so i say furry warrior.

Warlock… But since that isn’t listed as an option, Fury Warrior is fun as Hell, go with an Orc and be the Hero. Sadly you’ll go Blood Elf, as the transmogs are brilliant on a BElf. And the Heritage Armor for Blood Elves is worth getting.

Sub is still fine in regular bg’s.

My main is warrior and i have a rogue alt and i gotta say i have a lot more fun on the warrior. Rogue just doesn’t feel that great this xpac imo, its not the same as it used to be. Warrior on the other hand fury is good dps and nearly invincible in pvp with all the lifesteal and mobility. And doing WQs/solo content is so easy and satisfying. You can pull literally like 15 mobs at a time and rip them to shreds without losing much hp.

op save your self the headache of a rogue and go furry warrior.

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Don’t give advice on a class you don’t understand.

From what I hear from the rogues, they’re rather happy.

Sub could use a boost, but they’re mostly okay.


have fun with stealth breaking in bgs if you rogue and you will die in 2 seconds after being exposed then targeted.

they run every time i target them.

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If you want to try Sub for PvP, check out Evasion’s channel. His spec is great for 2’s and casual play. Great burst and more mobility than Sin.

Again, you don’t know the deal. It’s not as bad as it was at 8.2 launch but the problem centers around Subterfuge(as it has since inception) which Outlaw doesn’t have and Sub doesn’t have to take despite cookie cutter build suggestions. Nightstalker > Subterfuge when taking the enveloping shadows talent. You’ll spend 20+ seconds bursting in dance due to the low cd of dance due to ES talent. When done properly, they’ll be dead before the end of stunlock.

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id take a fury warrior in a bg over a rogue any day fury warrior is to much fun.