Warrior Mobility

Warrior mobility needs a nerf, they have way too much damage to have this much mobility. 100% uptime is ridiculous. Or now that they have so much mobility, maybe get rid of the their slow.


Just line the charge 4head


Ok, but first nerf mage and warlock mobility. Remove druid leap, halve the duration of evoker freedom and remove double knock from ele and put static field pull on knock dr.


Hmm. How would you go about adjusting their mobility with the current knobs available?

Wait till they charge you with leggo axe and hit you for 300k with it xd

To clarify axe is a gap closer with a nuke attached if it wasn’t obvious


ez money

  • warlock

remove short port honor talent

  • mage

flow of time 0.5/1.0s down from 2/4s
displacement range 20 yards down from 40


No more slow?

Oh, I should’ve specified that I meant Warrior because they’ve already tweaked the CDR on doubletime as well as bounding stride. Just kind of curious to hear about potential adjustments to Warrior.

This was an interesting addition, wasn’t it? :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

Remove displacement. Leave blink as it is

In displacement place put blazing soul or cauterizing blink :sweat_smile:

Put blastwave slow back to 70%

Personally I’d rather see a talent like this instead

Debilitating Flames
Being struck by blastwave reduces enemies struck speed by a further 25% decaying over 3 seconds and prevents the usage of mobility skills for duration.

Mage mobility is cut down, we lose the self heal from displacement but blastwave gives some nice breathing room it also puts blastwave slow to 95% over 3 vs 6 seconds

Delete this. :dracthyr_a1:

Is that really worse then the additional mobility + heal from displacement from 40 yards away? :thinking:

No, it’s just infringing on my spec fantasy. :dracthyr_uwu:

Blastwave prenerf was 70 over 6
My suggestion is delete displacement
Replace it with the blastwave 95 over 3 and mobility locking for the 3 duration.

Seems like a fair trade off and slices mage mobility down

Then they can infringe on your spec fantasy and chop your mobility with mine so the rest of game isnt all REE MAGES AND WARRIORS DBZ fighting

nah they can straight up remove this. mage mobility is beyond disgusting in pve too.

there shouldn’t be a world where a mage in any form of content has double blink, reverse blink, altar time, blast waves, rng roots, and slows in general.

like they simply have it all and it’s not remotely fair anywhere

Why would you need compensation for removing displacement? Just remove it, give nothing. Spec is 10x more balanced because of it. Mage having 2 blinks, alter, a knock, and 2 aoe roots is more than enough


where you getting 2 aoe roots from

It also sets a bad precedent to just delete something without compensation. Considering blastwave was nerfed by 20% with the additional mobility.

Mage also lost reg invisibility in place of greater invisi with that addition.

ice nova+ frost nova

When a spec has more ways to get dps off them than any other spec in the game by a mile they don’t need to receive a new way to keep people off of them to compensate losing some. That’s sorta like saying dh deserve compensation for getting it’s damage nerfed.

Fair enough, with ice nova being 2 i dont rly think of it like earth grab or entangling roots level of a root, its so brief. More of a brief pause

Number tuning isnt sorta like deleting talents at all. Especially when other talents were nerfed or tuned to address the additional talent. Now if we were saying undo the additional nerfs that were resulted from and since the addition of displacement as a result with its removal it would make more sense.

I’ve stated prior mages were fine without in s1/s2.

Now if DHs were suffering later in the season it would also make more sense to buff their defenses additionally to find the right spot without overtuning the dmg again. Nothing to do with talents.

but I suppose from a position of frustration and dislike its easy and shortsighted to say I DONT LIKE THIS JUST DELETE. If everyone maintained that position and had their way most of the game would be mess and resemble some guys private server dream

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I mean it can be, if they nerf the numbers of an ability it is seemingly deleting it for some specs since there’s no reason to play it.

That would be needed to be decided after seeing how removing the ability effects the class. If the class feels significantly weaker because of the changes, some of the other nerfs can be reverted. But as it is right now, mage has way too many options when it comes to mobility.

It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that one class having 4 charges of ways to teleport is excessive. It’s too much. Then on top of that for melee they also have a knock and roots and a spamable cc.