Warning:- dont upgrade tier set with socket

Yes, always.

Good lord… A gem is lost how terrible rofl.

Unless it’s a primal gem, I’d be more upset about the socket.

Socketing items don’t grow on trees. Especially for non-necks.

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Gem socket and gem.

The gem socket costs x3 vault reward so its quite valuable. The gem was 1500g so no big deal.

Anyway Blizz finally sent me a new socket so happy days :slight_smile:

I have two characters where I can’t add a socket to the conquest helm.

They don’t test anything at all.

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They need to compensate the affected players and turn off upgrades until it’s fixed.

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in case no one told you yet, you’re wrong.


That’s simply wrong. In SL, the item kept it’s sockets and tertiary stats when converted. Also, this bug isn’t 100%. I converted a socketed belt and it didn’t lose its socket.

I think it’s been established the bug only affects sockets you added through the socket item, not sockets that procced when the item dropped.