Warmode Killed PVP

I don’t know how many more times people need to hear this but It was truly the nail in the coffin for home servers of a lot of us that enjoy world pvp.

Warmode has never been fun, at least for me, I always preferred at least knowing my opponents by name when i saw them in the open world.

Many friendships began this way for me, it was epic.


I’ve always agreed, but I start to wonder a lot if that is because we were on Emerald Dream? Like, we were often the exception to the rule when it came to servers who had a healthy amount of WPvP going on, a relatively balanced pop, and the high population to support it. The other exceptions were out there too, I remember Bleeding Hallow was the other place to be, as well as the other RP servers to a certain extent even if not just for the PvP itself - they offered community and rare RP-PvP campaigns. Still, thats not a lot.

So like, did our handful of servers actually speak to the experience of so many who played the game and wanted to get involved in WPvP as well?


I was on Darkspear and a few other servers that absolutely had a great time bonking each other on the noggin


Correct me if im wrong here… isnt “WarMode” just another word for “WPVP”? Open world player vs player??? I mean instead of being “PvP Flagged”, you have WM on??? So have NO idea how “WM” killed pvp lol


I can assume you never experienced the game when we had pvp servers and pve servers?


Yeah I’m also on Emerald Dream. It seems Warmode was good for everyone except players on Emerald Dream… Warmode killed our amazingly beautiful ecosystem!! Warmode killed wpvp/Emerald dream, and WoW for me. Now I play like 2 hrs a month…


No, War Mode is an opt in feature that acts as a “replacement” to PvP servers, except it’s not really a replacement because you can opt out. You can flag for PvP outside of War Mode, however, War Mode just forces you to flag for PvP where ever you’re at in the world. It also segregates anyone with War Mode on away from players who don’t have War Mode on, but it branches out even further than that by also separating you based on your server-group.

PvP servers were similar to War Mode in the sense that it forced you to flag for PvP as well, however, you couldn’t opt out of it whenever you pleased. The only way to “opt out” of it was to pay for a server transfer onto a PvE realm.

There’s pros and cons to War Mode, but the reason why people say it killed WPvP was because when it was introduced, it effectively killed years worth of server community when they got rid of PvP servers in favor of War Mode.


Its just an Emerald dream problem tbh. They are on a bad server cluster, where mg and WRA thrive in WM. ED players killed ed by never pvping outside of a 40 man and feeding zerg guilds.


I miss the Isle of Quel’danas days. Had an arch enemy player of the same class and no questions asked it was a fight whenever we saw each other doing dailies.


They should let ED warmode join the rest of the world :frowning:


I still run into a lot of the same people in war mode tbh.

I liked good world defense channel tracking pvp on a well balanced pvp server back in the day more.

War mode is better than what we had in legion. Legion world pvp was horrible.

Sharding and the death of world defense channels really hurt wpvp more than anything.

it was already dead by the time war mode was introduced.

I have never seen as many bones on the ground is the first couple days of that patch.


PvP transfers killed it. We didn’t do it to ourselves and were wholly aware of how much of a delicate ecosystem we had to balance. Entire guilds swapped factions to retain some of that balance when needed, the RP-PvP campaigns, while having some larger 40man, fights hardly reached to that point. Even when zones had 80+ players in them, they were often purposefully spread out and retained a sense of party cohesion and planning.

Crashing the server once or twice was fun in a ‘look what we can do’ kinda moment - but a lot us who moved to or started on ED for the actual RP-PvP kept it manageable and neat, doing our best to also force folks to leave that didn’t get with the program. Us in The Crew did often, along with all the iterations members had from Laughing Skull, Merc Outfit, Dreadwaste Defilers. You had folks to RP’d, but you also had a lot more PvP focused/exclusive folks that understood what the server was and did their part to support us RPers.


Uh, I vividly remember few times in Legion as well as several times in BfA raid groups of Alliance from RP servers phasing to our server with 40 man raid groups or more and crashing the zone.

That was not fun at all.

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sharding hurt wpvp, can have a horde raid on the same server, but not be able to see them. If you wish to get into large wpvp scenarios you have to shard hop to contest an opposing factions raid.


I disagree. I love Warmode BECAUSE it put world pvp officially on the development map/table. I do recognize the issues that came with it but think more good came than bad.

I think people confuse phasing issues with wm too.

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I agree, it just made it so easy for people to just opt out that it killed wpvp. I try and bring the old feel back with my persona and pvp banter but most just want to hate and silence me because they can’t understand having fun with pvp. Feelers get hurt and they run to safe spaces. Maybe someday it can come back to glory days . But doubt it.

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We have Classic now. End of that discussion. Any serious WPvPer by now has migrated there. Retail is exactly what that community wants: the Kingdom of Caring. Nothing wrong but that, because the utter vast majority can agree that Retail and Classic are practically two different MMO experiences(up until a certain point?).

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World pvp is like the Walmart, the quality is low but you have to go there once a week to do your weekly.

What even is the logic of enjoying world pvp? Dying 1v5 to a premade group or camping a guy 5v1 as a premade group? Getting dopamine points for being a fully geared rogue ganking a lvl 63 questing new player?

Excuse me nostalgia andies, but the days of pvp montaging your broken class doing 1v2 due to nitro boots in Stranglethorn vale are over, at least on retail.

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:


I miss the old days of bumping into my realms “most hated.” Warmode is just not fun. I can’t tell you the name of anyone I fight… What realm are they on? I forget already.