Warmode Killed PVP

If you are set in RP servers, it’s not that hard to remember which realm out of a handful.

The Pathetic Pathogen really did a number on the Retail community as well going through SL, because it was bussing even back in BFA.

What’s the logic of enjoying Arena and BG? I consider Arena and BG(especially the latter) the Walmart experience. You go and do it to do a chore, to progress up to a point. But in all fairness, you go up against the SAME COMPS and the SAME BG STRATS. It’s rinse-and-repeat cookie cutting.

For my take, it should be getting dopamine from smoking the max-level, fully geared person tagging along. Thankfully there are workarounds coming soon(cough, DUNGEON FINDER, huaak-aacchh).

The dopamine comes from the thrill of the hunt. Always has. There’s nothing that feels like being the cat in a cat-and-mouse game. You don’t get that when you’re trying to “secure Hangar first, get glaives/demos” or “focus/CC healer, line out from RDPS.”

That’s why I still miss it, and that’s why I’ll be egressing into Classic soon. I already knew before DF launch I won’t get it there.




Bro each class has like two abilities in Classic. That’s not fun for anyone


I’ll probably be skipping out on CLASSIC LEGION then, because in the Era of Borrowed Power it does revert back to “two abilities”. Though I did like the MM Hunter system, it was also the SAME TIME SV became melee, so a horizontal no to that.

What I’m going for is indeed the Cata-Mists-Warlords trio, sandwiched between the old-and-busted Vanilla-type stuff and the Era of Borrowed Power(Leg-BFA-SL).

In the survey of WoW, that is. I didn’t leave it out on purpose that there may be better PvP MMOs out there too. The idea is, Retail “is not where the money at” for WPvP.

And you think Classic would be better? lol


Better in what way?

This is the kicker: I know my carebear roots. I didn’t pick up WPvP seriously until 6.1. A certain white colored, yellow-green buttoned gaming machine was my PvP focus during the time in question. So yes, it would be better. I’m not hearing good reports from Dragginflight’s WPvP in tandem with the good reports I am hearing from my own Bnet buds.

Because I think “bring back PvP servers” was answered ultimately with the launch of Classic. I didn’t start then because I didn’t like the class itinerations then, so this is a long time coming. So I know I will have to put up with ammo and pet happiness for a little bit, and not having stealth and other neat tricks Hunter picked up since after Cata.

*Because I thought that the TPosts were going to “revive” WPvP in the cities. Turns out that was a farce. I was monitoring that since it went live and I saw no chaos at all. It’s just been a dud now for every reason discussed: the most important reason is that today’s Retail community doesn’t want it. (The Dude) And that’s cool, that’s cool. But again, that’s why there’s still, uh…alternatives…

I’m not reading all that.

Because you didn’t answer my question, we’ll just agree I won the argument and that Classic would be better in WPvP.

If you want to play Hello Kitty Island Adventure, nobody’s stopping you. But “I am the infantry, follow me”.

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Were you the kid left behind in the no kid left behind program? That’s not a lot to read lol.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about.

For regular sports that may be passable, but for the more electronic kind, being subliterate is not endearing.

I’d have a hard time finding an expert e-sportsman who can’t read at a high level. College level is what I would assume.

Sadly, we can’t KNOW IT for you. Unfortunately, if you’re subliterate, chances are I wouldn’t want to take you on a hunt.

Because here’s a little secret: being good at WPvP also means being good at LEARNING YOUR CLASS/SPEC.

I started out as a Warlock, so like any good COLLEGE STUDENT, I actually READ AND RESEARCHED THE HUNTER CLASS.

Knowing is half the battle, ever since G.I. Joe.

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WTF are you on, buddy?

Retail right now, farming gold. SL is still good for it. I actually “dinged” 70 today too, but I don’t need DF installed to make it easier.

I was also on Ace Combat 5 on the PS2 recently, to celebrate 20 years of that game.

Thats exactly what wrong. It’s soo impersonal. We need to have villains we recognize instead of stumbling across a random stranger.


I’d be over the moon if Blizz let Emerald Dream or select servers for back to non shard / PvP realm. It really did hurt Emerald Dream’s community.

As soon as they do it, I guarantee the realm would be flooded with transfers.

No, not really.

That’s what I set out to do years ago on game and used the forums as a tool to help with it. It has worked out perfectly for me. The infamy and the hate I get is great. I created a brand that is still going strong. The snowflakes cried a ton in these last few years. But I’m still here rocking the pvp scene.

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I agree with this post.


I’ve largely moved to MG since my ED days rootin and trying to get RP-PvP alive again and while not advocating for the PvPers to come here, since WRA (the Horde heavy) and MG (the Alliance heavy) are grouped together, our WM shard is basically just us all day every day and kinda have that old feeling going on. If not individuals, guilds at least. Some of of course make it a point to go out like Sunfury Battalion and that always bring me a little joy. Either causally helping them out as I go around or trying to snipe one or two out with my MM Hunt. It really sucks that they didn’t ad ED to the other two large RP realms when they chose sharding groups.

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" of a lot of us that enjoy world pvp "
" Warmode has never been fun, at least for me"

Contradicting urself or something?

Also, Warmode PVP has always been a clownfiesta.

There are only 3 kinds of people who enjoy World PvP:

  1. Rogues that gank people (usually lower level / low geared / pve players) to boost their own dopamine points thinking they’re good
  2. People who are not good enough in instanced pvp( especially rated ) and need an unfair advantage in the open world
  3. People who keep making groups and killing someone 5v1 or such. Such amazing skill graveyard camping some poor guy that is alone.

The days of being a lvl 60 rogue in Stranglethorn Vale griefing lvl 33’s are over. Get over it.