Warlocks are having their Observer deleted

This is entirely unacceptable to remove options from the game like this. Here’s the thread in PTR about it, but I wanted to post this here for even more attention:


[sad warlock noises]

i’ma miss my floaty boi.


This is a great move, I hate when games get so many skins and versions of stuff that you can’t tell what is what anymore. THANK YOU BLIZZ!

I just wish they could get rid of more stuff. I really dislike Warlock Green Fire too. IMO hunter pets should be more limited as well, it’s a pain knowing what type of pet it is. All hunters should only get 1 type of pet for each spec, all the same, and just level it. Taming is ridiculous!



Personally i dont care because it looked awful.
But i also dont get their reasoning.

Hunters have 15 million different pet choices but blizzard doesnt stress about people being able to identify them. Why does warlock pet appearances matter so much in this regard?


Fixed for you.


Nah, I made this complaint for HOTS too… It’s so stupid having so much variation in appearance for abilities. It’s hard to know what is what. Imagine being new to the game and seeing the same move or spell or pet, but it’s actually not in appearance. Just watching my kids get into this game + other various people I’ve recruited to WoW over the years, the main complaint is the amount of overload the game has.

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Not a surprise. Blizzard has been removing warlock’s cool stuff for more than a decade (maybe even since the dawn of the game lol). It’s really cringe but I guess I can’t blame them for being jealous of the best class in world of warcraft.


I think this says a lot about the average intellect of PVPers.


It really isn’t.

Who cares?

It’s a 19 year old game. There is a lot of content. But too much customization has never been a complaint I’ve ever heard.


Imagine having a summoner spec/class and not wanting them to have a unique cast of demons to summon.


Yeah removing customization options because people are stupid really isn’t cool.


Bad enough they stopped making glyphs to begin with, but now they want to take some away?

Blizz, can you not? How about you let players have fun for once?

What is it with you and warlocks lately. After that disastrous attempted gutting of Demo which got so much backlash you were forced to walk it back, now you want to go after warlock glyphs specifically? And this isn’t even getting into how little you care about your own lore by giving warlocks to races that make no sense to be warlocks.

Like. Did a warlock hurt you guys? Is that the issue here?

I’d like Inscription to be useful again for glyphs. Clearly that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, though. God forbid players have any ability to customize their characters or have any sort of fun in this game.


And here I was hoping for a necro customization glyph kind of like greenfire eventually. Guess I’m going to have to put that dream in as something that might happen in another 20 years.


Gotta agree! I think we should limit to Cats, Bears and birds.
Anything else is way too confusing and ruins pvp for my soft, incredibly smooth (wrinkle free baby!!) brain.

To add to this, its time for transmog to go, especially cosmetic gear. I can’t tell what class anyone is at a glance, which is very confusing.


Funny enough…my warlock just recently got his observer glyph as I was sick of how tiny the felhunter looks for a vulpera warlock…now…I’ll never get to truly use my floaty boy. They’re also going so far as to remove water elemental for Frost mages outside of only popping up for a few seconds so…the cool blue water skin I went out of my way to get for my frost mage is being made worthless now too. All my luck they’re going to demote my voidlord to a void walker again too making me wonder is it wrong to want nice things or higher level demons for my warlock. What in the world is Blizz thinking with this BS move of taking forms we’ve had for years away from our pets? I had to go over those patch notes a few times to make sure I understood right but yeah no…what gives?


Be thankful your entire spec didnt get deleted like survival hunter and combat rogue


What do you mean? That guy over there is obviously a farmer.


But whos the blizzard logo adorned yeti man?? Help I’m so confused! I would be a pvp beast if not for that blasted transmog! Trust me!



Don’t let the little floaty boys go away! :frowning: