Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Aviela shush. You’ve been cranky lately. Go make another bait thread or something

please wowdevs. make it happen



Well anything more and you’ll end up like that “trilfing gnome” in ToC raid.

I would like a blood magic alternative to the Void Walker using Vectis’ model or maybe a death magic variant of the Void Walker used from Shadowlands.

It’s been really awkward using the voidwalker after the whole Blood Elf and Void Elf situation.


as a hunter with an offmain lock im with you. i find it epic that hunters can tame undead but i wonder how far that will go. will be be like the dh “tame” where i can get human undead or only just animal undead (i think the 2nd)

also dosnt help that the VW sucks now. it used to be able to… i donno… TANK. now its like a wet paper towel that dosn’t growl/taunt.

then again, my my paper towel started to growling at me i would be worried…


warlocks are literally always OP in some form and you complain about some stupid demon pets.

I don’t care about the power of the classes I care about at least somewhat fair options between the pet classes

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imagine that, caring about roleplaying fun in a roleplaying game, the nerve of us warlocks!


it’s an aberration so fair game!

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I don’t want any undead pets, you can have them. Because tbh you guys fit the theme of having undead following you around more than a plain hunter could.
Unless you’re a Forsaken I guess, but that’s a single exception.

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I wonder if they have taken hunter pets too far. I think with the new pets they might have locked Death Knights or Warlocks out of some of the new Shadowlands creatures forever.

Totally. In SL, Hunters can have what like 200 pets now?
We have 4 or 5? sad.

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agree with OP

Give Warlocks the cool customization they’ve been asking for a while now. While you are at it give DKs more customization when it comes to summoning our minions as well.


Having played both warlock and hunter for many years… i can say the pet aspect of the warlock has gone to crap, i miss the doom guard / infernal pets. I’m super stoked for my undead devilsaur thooo


By this logic, druids should never get any new shapeshift forms, or have racial variances for shapeshift forms.

Cause, as a shifting class, they should all only be able to shift from a pre defined list of forms, with no need of variance or additional cosmetic options.

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Isn’t that pet battling?

“Snow Leopard, I choose you”

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Agree with OP.

Also take it up a notch.

Give locks a necromancer ability skin. Turning all their demons into undead monsters and abilities into a death theme.

Now you got playable necromancers.

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Such special treatment such as:

Gutting an entire spec to make another class…


Um Mages and Hunters beat the other classes pants off in BfA. Only Demon Hunter came in a close third followed by Paladin. Warrior was still at the bottom. Shadow Priests were more powerful than Warriors.

Anyways, at least they tried to balance Mages buy making them super squishy! Sure they could do massive damage but it only took one hit or a mob of 3 to take them out.