Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

I’m happy for hunters and one of my alts is a hunter that will chase all these new options. We are only asking for more cosmetic options, the last demon customisation we got was in 2012 in Pandaria =/

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ah, touche’. Very valid point.

Make sense, it’s a vampire demon that matches with demonic consumption draining life of demons


I’d personally do:

  • Imp = Inquisitor
  • Felguard = Fel Lord
  • Felpuppy = Ur’zul
  • Succubus = Aranasi
  • Voidwalker = one of the tentacle faceless
  • Demon Tyrant = one of the armored Eredar? or one of the unnamed Nathrezim.
  • Infernal = Mo’arg Brute
  • Darkglare = Doomguard maybe

No it’s because it’s an example of something people asked for that others felt was either “unnecessary” or “lore breaking” or “not a priority/there are other things to worry about”

But everyone has Green Fire nowadays, even some warlocks I knew even back in the day that were vehemently AGAINST Green Fire being implemented. Walking around casting green fire, having fun.

It’s this notion that what we have is sufficient that’s dumb as hell, how dare we ask for more lmao

It’s a game, “sufficient” when it comes to fun is weird verging on the absurd

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okay, after seeing the list of demons and their possibilities, consider me signed on for this one. upvote time - give us more demons blizz



More fun is always good, it’s exciting, every warlock having their own special set of demons that reflects their personality!


Totally agree with OP.

Warlocks deserve an expandable robust system to increase our available demons going forward.


There’s so many amazing cosmetic options we’re being deprived of lol. Just think of how awesome we could look with our new shiny demons

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Pretty good looking list :wink:

God I hope we get these options

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  • the reason why we don’t have snapshotting anymore
  • habitually near the top of all raid tiers or ends up being a sleeper pick for being good in the second example if it starts out “rough”
  • it is the only class that is able to transmog spells outside of glyphs (druid forms are in a separate category)
  • pet favorite class to blizz besides mages
  • escapes necessary nerfs until it is too late to solve the problem
  • BFA season 2-4 and especially now with hasted destro in pvp

I can’t but help but think this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHXSvCMpCGM when locks complain. Inb4 pally insults, starting with legion I have picked at expansion launch one class that I thought would be fun/needed for the guild, and then rolled with it until the end. These point don’t come from a ret player, they come from me.

My memory is hazy, what does that mean again?

Playing the character in a way that when you apply dots/bleeds it captures the strength of your stats when you first applied them. So you hold on trinket and spell usage until you can use them all at once, then you do your DoTs. Afflocks utilized this heavily in ToT and SoO. Blizzard couldn’t tune raids around that ability anymore thus they removed snapshotting with WoD. So in WoD your DoTs changed in strength comparative to how strong you are at that moment.

Which no doubt likely has an impact on how unstable servers are these days. The spells are having to check on each tick the strength of the player, among several other factors.

Ah gotcha.

Mmm. Nope, try again.

The customization is the benefit… you’re really not grasping basic concepts here.

Warlocks have been top of the game since BC prepatch and you can’t even deny that. They always are. They are right now.

Warlock was cobbled together from those “classes” in WIII (maybe minus shadow priest but “cosmic horror” was never class fantasy for warlock).

Why? What would the point be? Facts are facts and it doesn’t matter which pixels are next to the post stating them.

It’s not a gameplay benefit tho

pfffffffffffft no

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For Warlocks, Blizzard actually makes all 3 specs fun to play.

For Hunters, they just throw new pets at them.

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I never claimed it to be a “gameplay benefit” I said classes get different benefits. Why do you people keep moving the goal posts?

pffffffffft yes.

looks at Affliction and Demonology
crickets chirp


I was just elaborating because I wasn’t sure if you understood or not.

Back when I raided in cataclysm I got dropped a LOT from raids in a guild I was in.

I can’t speak for the other expansions but it was a freaking struggle in cataclysm to get people to take me over stuff like fire mages.

In the end I’m just asking for cosmetic fluff. It’s not that deep

Nah you’re wrong :slight_smile:

Nope, customization for pet classes should be a common feature, there’s no reason why it should be “unique”, especially given there are significantly less demon models than beast models.

Nah we are actually historically one of the least played classes in the overall playerbase. Representation in the “elite” tier of gameplay doesn’t mean anything outside of a handful being good at the class, but we are a small class population to begin with. The second-lowest, after Monks.

Depends on who you ask, many loathe Demonology with a passion, most “top tier” warlocks only play Destro/Aff actually.

You’re just admitting to being bitter lmao god forbid another class has fun

Put your money where your mouth is miss “since vanilla warlock”

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Soooo many FOTM locks in mists tho it was hilarious. Some of them didn’t know about our summoning portals.

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