Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

I’ve been saying this for years! We don’t even have to have new abilities with these demons. It’s laughable that people think cosmetic options aren’t worth asking for.

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I would totally buy an incubus glyph >_>

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canonically makes sense, they’re different beings/people



Support warlock stables!


I straight up thought I made that post because we’re twinsies


I had a big ol infernal named assinazz in legion. They took him away from me. Why did you take away my pets…

Give me a way to have my demon babies again :,(


one of you simply has to change, this is terribly awkward

Dat assinazz :frowning:

Yeah least they could’ve done is have us summon the same CD Demon each time with a name :frowning:

they really took away Meta and gave us… nothing lmao

#WarlockStables now

Omg we totally are! Haha I love it. This is my go to transmog!

still sad warlocks haven’t gotten love since mop

I’ve played warlock basically since the beginning, and yeah, let us have some cosmetic mods to our demons already. We can basically change EVERYTHING about our characters these days (transmog, salon) but we can’t have SOME options for our demons?

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Do most hunters even use half those pets?

If you’re playing BM you just roll a spirit beast for like a majority of the content you do, and most people just use Hati for that.

Few of em have some unique abilities.

Figure most hunters have a go-to model for each “specialization” in terms of aesthetics

True. Love the new Nightsaber models they added in BFA at Darkshore.

clearly blizzard has become a christian company and no longer wants demons in its game /sarcasm

Not saying I disagree that there should be more demon options, but Warlocks also get things hunters do not. Also, saying “ It’s not freaking fair” makes your post come across as petty and childish.

I dunno, I find hunters are the ones still losing out.

Yes warlocks get limited pet options, but warlocks have the best spell effects in the entire game, whereas hunters get the worst in my opinion.

Nothing feels impactful at all on the hunter. Its one of the main reasons why I don’t play one.

I would rather have limited pet options and amazing spells versus unlimited pet options and wet noodle animations.

Yeah and blizz has us digging thru crap every expansion so the idea of maturity is pointless

Well… hunters and shamans need cooler animations, remember that warlocks were the last casters to get new ones.

*Multi-shot and Lightning Bolt animation really piss me off

And locks and DKs need more pets diversity :3

As a former lock main, I approve the OP’s message.

This one is extra dumb because the animation is finished. BFA NPCs have a great one that puts the Legion one we never got to shame.

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please wowdevs. make it happen

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but warlocks have 2 specs in S tier and hunter zero :wink:

who cares about roleplaying pets when you can deeps harder.