Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Actually Hunter SUMMON is still 2 seconds, Hunter REVIVE is 6 seconds, and they have Feed Pet (instant) and Mend Pet (instant).

Warlocks SUMMON is 6 seconds too, and our only heal is a channel that takes away our own health. The instant summon every 3 minutes is in no way a Net Gain over hunters.

You are wrong :smiley:

Not YOU but the hostile ones sure.


I think everyone is a little entitled to wanting their personal class to have more options… It’s natural and to say otherwise is just silly. Adding more pet options for hunters when there are already hundreds of others doesn’t make much sense.

No doubt druids were stoked to see the new druid form options that came in Legion and now they even get to choose them freely come SL (even the fire kitty now). Which is fantastic! But to act shocked that other people want customization for their own class seems a bit silly.

Having a pet and having the option to choose whichever you want is a huge part of the class fantasy of a hunter. Playing a warlock would imply the exact same relationship to demons. Warlocks are already locked into choosing a specific demon based on whatever they’re doing with next to no alternatives. Doesn’t seem so crazy that Warlocks would want some customization on their demons when hunters have literally hundreds to choose from.


Now I did make a suggestion in My undead tame thread stating that Warlocks should AT LEAST be able to do the same with the skeletal hounds which are NOT labeled undead, as a hound or two are actually classified as demons…

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Just because someone posts on an Alliance Druid doesn’t mean they don’t play Horde characters or play other classes.

I guess I forget that children are the primary demographic of this forum though.

Not sure what you mean…? Just an example of another class getting customization options and how they were excited by it. No doubt others would be happy to get the same treatment.

Oh wow, how original. Someone doesn’t agree with you 100%, so your first retort is to call them a child. Really displaying your own immaturity, aren’t you?


In my thread there was a Hunter who kept derailing the thread like this Druid is doing, so let’s all agree to collectively ignore them so we don’t derail the thread.

So here is the list of all the Demons and Aberrations in game: which would you pick?


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

One of the core things about Warlocks to me was the ability to summon demons.


  • The warlock class hall quest in legion starts with: Summoning a gigantic demon, and of course the ritual of doom
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang in Trial of the Crusader summons LORD JARAXXUS, EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!
  • Gul’dan for like forever lol

The whole point being that Warlocks are supposed to dabble in the forbidden, even if it means dying in the process.

I think it would be cool if Warlocks could gather demonic artifacts and then attempt to summon dangerous powerful demons. Then the warlock would be able to battle said demon, weaken it and then tame it indefinitely.


You could roll a hunter or two to scratch that itch. I always felt the difference between the two classes is warlocks wait to ramp up damage and hunters front load it. Well pretty much. So it didn’t really matter which class I was playing. Oh and hunter have a few really really hand utility things going on.

Or just scrap the warlock altogether and roll hunter. If it’s for the pets anyways.

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Taming a beast is not the same as subjugating and enslaving a demon :slight_smile: entirely different itches, like crabs to the herp


I suppose… :upside_down_face:

They are both the only pet classes in WoW. This subject is completely different than Green fire. If I could even find a closer analogue, it would be something like cosmetic quivers for hunters outside of artifacts.

Except “tame” is just wording. In fact, warlocks enslave their demons.

I really can’t grasp this mentality of “you can’t have my toys!” when the toy in question is something completely different. Demons and Hunter pets are completely different creatures, and the only similarity both classes have is that they are the two major pet classes of this game.


Yes, so it makes sense that you can only form pacts with specific ones.

Now let’s stop this foolishness and start pushing for more tallstrider colors! Also Celestial and Spirit tallstriders when Blizzard!?!?

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Right. So if they don’t have any other similarities, we don’t need to make them more similar for no real reason other than “gimme gimme”.

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If you’re watering down classes to that level, then almost everyone is a rogue nowadays with combo points.

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But that’s is what the similarity is about! Giving locks the ability to choose between a broader variety of demons doesn’t stretch that similarity much more than this, because like I said, the two classes’ pets are totally different creature.

There are no locks here demanding to get a specific pet type that hunters have.

Edit: And to be completely honest, EVEN if you gave locks the ability to enslave… there are nowhere enough demon variety to even touch the “menu” that Hunters get to choose from. At best, most of the stuff is just color variation.

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Nope, because we already enslave everything from Aberrations (Void Walkers, Voidlords) to Eredar (Wrathguard) to lowly Imps and demon puppy Felhunter. That’s the entire spectrum.

Just ignore Sentenza. They are filled with salt. Stop feeding the troll.

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Yeah, I just came in to add my support without realizing that.


Yes like I said, the pet rez is 6 seconds. Hunters are far more dependent on pets than locks -if a hunters pet goes down and stays down, its pretty much gg. Are you saying hunters just need to be ready to summon multiple pets in encounters if one goes down?

Mend pet does next to nothing in serious fights if the pet is being targeted or gets caught up in multiple AoE. Unless feed pet pops back 75% of pet health, a hunter will be spending so much of its time keeping its pet alive. Otherwise healers will have to also heal the pet, which nobody is going to want to do.

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding warlock mechanics - can you use an instant summon to give you another demon immediately if your demon dies?

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