Warlock Dragonflight Talent Suggestion Thread

Please post ideas for any talents you’d like to see below

I’ll start:
Legion staff portals for Destro, that stuff was awesome, and gave us way more mobility during fights

Improved dreadstalkers for Demo, I just liked seeing the imps riding on the dogs tbh, would be cool if it allowed you to cast it instantly like the pvp talent (pvp talent should be removed it’s literally mandatory and would make base demo 10x more fun)

Not sure what would improve current aff (other than returning to pure dots)



  • Rapid Contagion
  • Execute DoTs/Death’s Embrace
  • Soul Flame, but reworked into: “10% of your Unstable Affliction’s damage total is dealt to enemies within 5 yards.”
  • Soul Harvest
  • Siphon Life: Corruption now heals for 100% of the damage it deals. Not SL as a DoT.
  • Placeholder name: Agony ticks try to spread Agony to nearby enemies, preferring enemies without it.
  • Placeholder name: Seed of Corruption cast time reduced by 50%.
  • Placeholder name: Seed of Corruption now spreads Agony to targets upon the first time they receive damage from Seed of Corruption.
  • Malefic Grasp: Drain Soul forces DoTs to tick each time it deals damage, dealing X% of their normal damage.
  • Soul Swap
  • Wrath of Consumption: Every time Agony deals damage, your periodic effects’ damage is increased by 6%, stacking 5 times.
  • Soul Effigy, but give it its own frame unit this time.
  • Drain Soul baseline with Nightfall as talent. Nightfall: Corruption ticks have a chance to proc Nightfall, allowing you to cast Drain Soul while moving for 5 seconds.
  • Placeholder name: Your Drain Soul now heals you for 30% of the damage it deals.

General Warlock:

  • Soul Link
  • Dark Pact
  • Grimiore of Sacrifice: Sacrifice pet to gain it’s pet ability, 10% increased damage and 10% increased Stamina.
  • Ritual of One: Your Ritual of Summoning can now be summoned by you, alone. In addition, this occurs a 30% increased cooldown. This would mean you can take out the closet solo, or if anything it just reduces the number of people down to just 2 instead of 3 for summoning the closet.
  • Battle Stones: Your Healthstones can now start their cooldown during combat, but have a 100% increased cooldown. This means they have a 2 minute CD but you can use multiple of them during fights.
  • Placeholder name: Every time someone heals with a Healthstone, you heal for 50% of the amount they healed for. This would be any Healthstone, not just yours.
    Demonic Throw: Your Demonic Circle can now be placed up to 20 yards away. This would mean you don’t have to run over to the spot to cast it, it would be where your mouse is and an AE circle showing you where.
  • Gateway Mastery: Demonic Gateway cooldown for all allies within 50 yards reduced by 60 seconds. This would mean every 60 seconds people around you could take your gateway.
  • A talent to reduce summoning pet cast time by 50%, if not just reducing it regularly without a talent.

Destruction Warlock

  • Fire and Brimstone talent to be toggle on and off like before and instead, just reduce damage of your ST abilities by 40% and make them able to hit everything around them for 40% of the damage they deal. So example being Chaos Bolt, with FnB toggled on, hits for 60% of its regular damage, plus 40% damage to all targets near the main target you fire it at.
  • Chaos Bolt doing the most of your damage, costing 1-2 shards minimum. Every shard after the minimal cost is consumed, buffing the damage of your CB by 50-100% per shard or something. I want CB to become the nuke it should always have been and should always remain for Destro, nothing less.

I want them to look at Torghast powers and see how much fun half of the builds are, for all specs, and to bring in things based around those. I want blizzard spec designers to ask themselves: Why is this build so much fun to players? And come up with things based around those, too.


I want Demo to be based on a number of builds: Multiple demons out perma, or bigger stronger demons for temporary powers, or consuming demons and making yourself more powerful, instead. There’s all kinds of fantasies and ways they could go for Demo that they could make fun and interesting.


Those Aff lock ideas look tasty.


Focused chaos would be nice. Also, I’m not a fan of my infernal being centric around my spec. The pet thing should be for demo


Yeah no, if that’s what you’re looking for then just play mage

Pardon me if I like to shoot chaos bolts. Because that’s been an essential part of destruction for how long? Go ahead and answer that for me.

Explain to me the appeal of thirty infernals running around. You can’t see a damn thing, adding further clutter to all this crap on my screen


I miss in legion the ability to have Infernal or Doom Guard as permanent pet. And some combo of MOP and Legion for Aff would be the best play style. Of course tuned appropriately.


I’d like aff to get back or just have an ability to amp up its dots on one particular target, by a significant amount I mean. Malefic grasp playstyle was incredibly satisfying since you felt fully in control of where your damage was going when hit that drain.

In addition I miss alot of the legion aff “you kill a target and gain…” things like the artifact weapon souls, the exploding dead enemies, the dot damage buff and so on. Especially the legion ghosts, those were fun.

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tbh with how often you get to instant-cast dreadstalkers anyways Master Summoner doesnt seem too useful IMO

-Burning rush to become permanent, ability not talent.
-As demo be able to summon other pets like blueberry or scubus not be stuck with wrathguard all the time.
-make curoption a dot again not a cast.
-give us doom back as a ability not talent

I’ll add more as i brainstorm more. Work time sigh.

blinkfox - everything else negotiable

Demo Lock:
Doomguard pet option that is more focused damage while felguard is more focused on tanking
Wilfred’s (Current Leggo)
Fel Oblisk (Current PvP Talent)
Eye of Gul’dan: Summon an eye to track your target, acting like your character anchor for your range and line of sight. So if its in range and has line of sigh of your target, you and all your demons can attack it (A Line of Sight and Range helper)
Demonic Beam (Drain Soul idea, replaces shadowbolt, deals shadowflame damage and summons a random demon from the Nether Portal / Inner Demons list every tick. Generates 2 soul shards total (1 and half successful cast, 2nd on completion))
Improved Demons Talent that makes:

  • Ur’zuls instead of dreadstalkers (Ur’zuls have increased attack speed, movement speed, and each attack has a 50% chance to cause dreadbite since there’s multiple heads)
  • Bilescrouge instead of imps from HoG (Bilescrouge causes each successful cast of their spell increases our cast speed (Stacks but not duration so each cast gives us x% for x seconds))
  • Pit Lord instead of Tyrant (Becomes a melee big demon that cleaves his target but completely absorbs all active demons which add to his damage, movement speed and attack speed (Maybe size too for fun but worry it could cause people to crash to have this massive Pit Lord run across the battlefield xD)

Chaos Strike: Replaces Rain of Fire and it channels a beam of Chaos into the ground, corrupting the ground, slowing (Fel Fissure Effect) and causing damage. Targets directly in the beam take increased damage
Decimating Bolt

I feel like Phoenickz post earlier has really good options

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  • Perma Summon that replace the felguard. Infernal/Doomguard are nice but we have had those before and we have been running around with the felguard for 15 years aside from legion. I want new summons with new abilities.

  • Legion’s iteration of Doom.

  • More short term summons that arnt necessarily straights DPS cooldowns. For example, maybe summon a wyrmtounge that will cast specialized curses or maybe we summon a inquisitor to channel a heal on us, replacing life drain but on a cooldown, something like that.

  • Demonwrath and the deletion of implosion

  • Talents that encourage the use of other demons, rather than being soft locked to one, similar to the PvP talent “From the shadows”

  • Demon Empowerment, but not as a maintence buff. The visual and thematic of sending my army into a growth and haste frenzy is cool af.

  • Fel Flame.

  • The ability to once again have instant shadowfury.


Yes, and Kalamazi took what I and others have been wanting for Affliction and saying for Affliction ever since BFA, and decided to put it into a video. We have already covered 98% of his video, he just decided to put it in a video though, now, and hopefully someone at blizz will see it and think about it for class design.

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Affliction BASELINE ideas:
Siphon Life as a dot
Phantom Singularity as a dot
Seed of Corruption lowered cast time
Drain soul baseline filler with execute damage intact (no healing)
Drain life remains as healing defensive
Malefic Rapture GONE. Soulshards GONE. Focus on maintaining DoTs.
Haunt baseline maintenance
Unstable Affliction strong AF dot, one target only
Darkglare GONE. Has always seemed weird to have a demon extend dots for me.
Dark Soul: Misery baseline, adds Darkglare DoT extension as well as haste (We always use them at the same time anyway)

All Warlocks BASELINE:
Burning Rush now drains mana instead of health and is baseline. Mana specifically for drain life is stupid. For the love of god please give us baseline mobility.

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I’d like to see the lego power that made gateway instant a talent option. Exactly the kind of thing that makes a good class talent in the new system when it isn’t competing against dps options.

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This is great. Those talent trees look like this is what they are going for. Hybrid builds across different play-styles. If they get this right it could be amazing. Like Demonwrath. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Also Grimoire of Sacrifice.
This is a good idea that they never got right. There’s probably multiple threads on here the devs have never read discussing ways to make it awesome; instead of a flat 60min buff make it a turbo boost. Unique for destro spec too. Sac pet, gain their demonic ability, gain their health as a shield, immune to interrupts and stuns, gain a 30% damage boost to your damage for 20secs. 3min freeze on pet Summoning.
Make it count. Like an oh sh$t button but that can be used whenever because damage boost.
Find yourself surrounded by too many mobs? Stumble onto a pair of elites? M+danger pack? Sac, Cata, RoF, Demonfire, Soulburn: Fire & Brimstone. Like a scythe through wheat.

doesnt this just turn into a relatively OP 3m cooldown? so would this replace infernal? or dark soul?

The idea is not to make it OP its that there’s a bunch of stuff available to make Sac a viable talent for those looking to further use their demonic pets to enhance their abilities.

Someones probably had a great idea in the last 6?yrs.

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