Warlock Dragonflight Talent Suggestion Thread

Ehh, I think they should try an expansion with hardly any power in CDs. I mean, like, take the Balance thing CA on a 3 minute CD mega power buff. Any CD above 1 minute should be reduced in power and in CD. 3 minute CD? Reduce the CD to 1 minute and the power by 66% for it, meaning the power by like 50% itself and the duration by 30-50% too.

I think every spec should be more oriented towards sustained damage, with a slight bit of burst for most specs and some just have a slight bit more sustained damage and no burst. Things like DoT specs should be pure sustained, or if not then sustained with small bits of burst where either the damage or tick rates of DoTs is increased dramatically for 5-10 seconds, then done.

I’d rather DoT specs be pure sustained damage, though, with no burst at all. It sucks for lower end keys, but the nature of DoT specs themselves goes against the nature of lower level keystones anyways.

That, plus if they reduced the amount of burst everyone has it would end up also making DoT specs do a very slight bit more damage since mobs wouldn’t die in 3.2 seconds flat.

All that being said, I think GoSac should go back to the way it was in MoP with a hour long buff that gives you the Command Pet ability, 10-15% increased damage flat and then 10% increased HP. It doesn’t need to be some exciting buff, it needs to be something people can count on.



im honestly pretty okay with it just being 10% and a self cast pet ability for simplicity’s sake, but something where its sac’d for a temp buff instead COULD be interesting

Now, i could try and make a list based on old borrowed powers who i would like to see come back, and there are many interesting ones i would like to see come back for Demonology, including Borne of Blood And Carn Stalkers.

But what i also am anxious about are new Tratis, specially ones who can be creative and interesting, while those are just dreams i would love to see on the Passive Talents side of things.

  • Talents who play around Shard Economy, but not only as Shard Generators (like Borne of Blood, Demonic Meteor, or Tyrant Soul) but also talents who increase Shard Spenditure like allowing Hand of Guldan to spend and grow in strenght up to 4 Soul Shards or who make some spells consume more shards in return of some extra beefyness.

  • A talent who customises the existence of Wild Imps, maybe this sounds confusing but i think of something like “Wildfire Infusion but for Demonology”, Imagine summoning Color Coded Wild Imps who when expire or get imploded have secondary effects.

  • Talents who allow more types of Summoning passively, in particular i think there is space to go around Inner Demons as a proc-on-shard-style way to summon more demons, but its a dangerous balance to create as i would like to avoid big RNG swings.

  • I Also have been deeply enjoying the idea of Carn Stalkers, what i mean is, passive talents who improve your temporary demons by making them do additional actions besides just being auto-attacks or walking dots.

  • This is something particular about me, but i would enjoy to see Demon-bolt gaining damage from our mastery, even if that would exist as a talent is something i would love to see.

Basically, i have been favouring more and more the idea of Demonology as Summoner of Temporary Demons and less about empowering the Permanent one; but i also have enjoyed the idea of the Demon-bolt build who empowers yourself by sacrificing your temporary demons or gaining more powers yourself based on demons quantity.

As for the active-side…its complicated, just wish good look for blizzard and hope the best in avoiding button bloat.


Warlock: Perma Infernal/Doomguard GoSup, the old GoService that summons a temporary pet of your choice, and the old GoSac that gave a flat % buff.
WoD Kil’jaeden’s Cunning that allows us to cast while moving for x time.

Destruction: Dimensional Rift.
Flames of Sargeras: Replacing your Rain of Fire, you cause your target to burn for as long as you channel up to x seconds. Each second you channel will cause your target to explode dealing fire damage to all nearby enemies.
Whiplash: You strike at your target with a whip made of pure flames, dealing damage to all enemies in the path but deals increased damage if it only strikes a single target.

Affliction: Soul Flame.
Fel Scythe: Summon a scythe made of pure fel energy at the target location, harming all enemies it passes through on its way back to the caster. If a enemy dies during the returning sweep then you will gain 1% haste per enemy for x seconds.

Demonology: Meta form that replaces your Tyrant.
Eye of Gul’dan: You summon an Eye of Gul’dan that channels a massive fel beam into your current target, burning nearby targets as well.

Also I’d like glyphs to let us summon Inquisitors, Ur’zuls, and Wrymtongues as pets.


Oooh some of those sound awesome. Especially inner demons idea.

I favor everything except getting turned into another bolt spec, maybe if our damage was more sustained or built around a set number of spells instead of just our cd.

I really like the summoner of demons however is designed with access to more powerful ones with a mix of synergistic spells, wouldn’t mind at all if they were temp either.

I remember a spell back in legion that had imps riding dogs, somewhat a bit lackluster but I thought it was a good idea in the right direction.

If hand of guldan stays I really hope they do something to it, other than just imps and it’s low budget look. Such an iconic spell/name, just doesn’t seem to scream crashing meteor of demons. But then again that something completely separate.


More demon options. Let me summon a pitlord already.


I’m still not quite sure why the devs take so long to implement things like getting our demons different skins. Most simplest thing yet nope every exp.

Luckily we got incubus and that too took a long time. Don’t have much experience with programming/designing but we already have models in-game.

And the programming time seems like it shouldn’t take that long at all. Then again they did mess up wrathguard dual wield and just got rid of it. So maybe coding pets might be a painstaking task. Specifically warlock pets.


I don’t quite feel the incubus a win simply because I never use it… I’ve used the wrathguard since mop basically… would love my dual wielding with dialogue wrathguard back at the very minimum. demo and destro are heading into a good direction I hope though with 9.2 making demo probably it’s best ever performance wise.

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How about fixing Demo back to it’s original glory and stop the whole “please dont play this class” bs? Bring back metamorphism and the normal pet mechanics for demonology.


I understand you are speaking of the whole Ion thing during WOD, but to be seeing sights they don’t want you to play the spec, when its one of the strongest specs in 9.2 (and was also strong in 9.1 and just didn’t saw play in 9.0 because affliction was stronger and demo underlooked) is either delusion or willfull ignorance.

Demonology is incredible right now.

WOD happened and its gone, the meme of “we don’t want you to play demonology” is dead let it rest.


Except the crobar that aff took to the knees after 9.0 and the remaning tiers of being complete trash.
Makes it feel like they dont want us to play that spec.
Very much like wod demo.

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its pretty well established they didn’t want people to play because it was about to undergo a dramatic overhaul and they were just letting it wither on the vine in wod. we are nearing on a decade since that statement and mentality. it went under the knife and came out with a fresh face.

this is one of the most stupid things that can get said about demonology. welcome to an exclusive club i don’t think you want to be part of.


Bake in the 2 piece for demo, having three dogs is amazing, its loss will be felt


Speaking as a Demo main. Some of these are talents I want back, some of these are talents I think would be cool.

Grimoire of Supremacy: I really want my perma-infernal and doom guard back. Really made me feel like a master summoner to have such a beast of a pet out.

Hand of Doom: This was a tasty talent back in legion for dungeons and lvling, especially when combined with the talent where it summoned imps when it ticked. Though it might not mesh well with current demo gameplay.

Doom Rework: Give it a reasonable chance to summon a doomguard or something. Or make it summon imps or random nether portal demons on tick.

Inner Demons: Rework - You have a X% chance to summon a demon from the twisting nether to fight for you whenever you spend soul shards.

  • Demo is a solid spec really. I just want more consistent demons besides imp swarms.

Invoke Demon: Talent idea Briefly open a portal to the twisting nether around the target. Dealing X amount of shadow damage and summoning a demon the fight for you for 15 seconds. Generates two soul shards (Replaces Demonbolt)

  • Of all demonology’s abilities, the only one I think it truly mediocre is demonbolt. It’s not bad or anything, but I would like it if we could replace with something more flavorful. If anything, demonbolt should replace shadowbolt as our filler spell for flavor, and have sacrificed souls baked into it baseline. Invoke Demon would be basically function the same as demonbolt mechanically: long cast time, generates two soul shards, instant cast with demonic core.

Than’kiel’s Consumption: As a necrolord main throughout Shadowlands, this would be nice to have back to replace death bolt.

Tier Set: Three dogs is going to suck to lose and malicious imps are pretty fun. I just say yes to ANY extra summonable demons.


Be nice if Demo locks had a new designed or returning of MetaMorphisis


By far my biggest desire for warlocks is Malefic Rapture be deleted from the game and forgotten from history. It’s an absolute abomination of a spell and makes absolutely zero sense in afflictions kit. Shadow bolt as a shard spender that actually trucks with drain soul as a filler makes more sense than malefic rapture.

Bring back a weaker Soul Flame. Get rid of Demonic Consumption. Bring back GoSup. Bring back dimensional rifts.


In addition to this, I would love so much to have the codex of xerrath changing the visual of demonology spells again. I know we are missing previous fire spells, but we still have some. And metamorphosis, even if just as a cosmectic effect. Oh, and that combat stance from the character creation menu. That stance looks really sick and not being that one we actually have in game is pretty weird, since it’s kinda being used to sell the class lol


my god there are some reallllllllllllllllly interesting takes on this one sheesh

Thats def a safe way to put it lol