Warlock Customization: Stables for Demons/Aberrations

Now that Shadowlands is delayed and they just brutally massacred Vampire and Tomb King Warlock, maybe we’ll get grimoire-stables now


Hopefully. Demo especially deserves new demons… being the master summoner spec and whatnot


Maybe they could give us New demon choices in 1-2 talent tiers, like instead of
1- More shadowbolt dmg
2- Hand of Guldan, does something
3- something else

You get (examples):
1- Pit Lord
2- Doom Guard
3- Double Fel Guard

So they don’t give us a stable but, they are still giving us more choices.
Another thing is that when you Enslave a Daemon, you get a new spell that allows you to summon that newly Enslaved Demon, until you get a different one. This way, you get a lot MORE choices, but they don’t have to work an entirely new mechanic in the form of a Demon stable.

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If this was something they liked, they probably wouldn’t have removed the grimoire talent that upgrades all of our demons to Fel Imp, Void Lord, Shivarra, Observer, Wrathguard, etc. That was when they moved them to glyphs.

There are way too many for glyphs at this point, so just allow us to swap out for the ones we want, in some manner that makes sense.

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Eh, that was more related to the fact Xelnath did it and they resent him in combination with the fact that they kept breaking the GSup demons.

During WOD, the Shivarra and Wrathguard and Observer were a DPS increase and for whatever reason they couldn’t fix it without removing it as a talent.


lots of warlocks showing support on the warlock forum parallel

Could just add more glyphs.

There’s over 300 different model/color combinations.

It’s a neat idea but I doubt Blizzard would ever devote time to adding all these demons with different abilities and a stable system to match it.

They can barely increase bag space without breaking the whole game.

They wouldn’t have different abilities, it’d just be a model switch system with the hunter stable interface for our five standardized demons. It’d be using pre-existing already-functional interface systems.

Please read the OP lol I explain all of this.


Here to give my full support!


Questing through Exile’s Reach right now, and there’s a quest that has you bind a voidwalker to your will.

Figured I’d post here.

That quest is an awesome example of what could be for Demo. I would love to see us have the ability to find Grimoire on mobs that could have say the Demons name in it that would allow us to do a similar quest chain to gain addition demons that would be added to our “Summon Demon” options.


I ran a few Warlocks through Exile’s Reach in beta, and it was so broken, even a few weeks into Beta. You’d finish the quest at around level 7 or 8, and not get the [Summon Voidwalker] spell. I think it was still granting it automatically at level 10, though… lol

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Also I love the fact Blizzard ended up implementing the quest exactly in such a way that undermines all the naysayers that shot down my “Grimoire” idea in the OP back when I originally posted



just want these bad boys to replace my voidwalker

bump…Blizz needs to see this, acknowledge this and work on this.

If hunter can tame Chinese dragon, mechanicals and etc., i dont see why warlocks cant have these…

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Ritual of Doom sucks, give me new demons! It would be soo much better if we summon new options by the ritual with other locks =/


For a class that’s supposedly the only other pet class in the game, Warlocks really get shafted on pet customization compared to hunters. It ain’t just us either, Unholy DK’s also have it really rough for customization. At least with Unholy DK’s it’s one spec, the entire Warlock class gets screwed.