Warcraft Short Story: We Ride Forth

Warcraft Short Story: We Ride Forth

Nazgrim, Thoras Trollbane, Sally Whitemane, and Darion Mograine—the Lich King’s Four Horsemen—travel to Icecrown, hoping to ascertain their master’s inscrutable plans, and put an end to them if necessary.

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Cool. First.


Cold. Second.


Warm. Third.


Ah, so it talks about why the Ebon Blade decided to randomly help Bolvar. That’s an interesting one to read.

A short story about the Ebon Blade and four horsemen?

Going to read right away, that’s some of my favorite lore.

Edit: I enjoyed the story! Was very interesting. I like the writing style.


Make Lord/Lady of War account wide. Please and thank you.


Awesome, hope that Sally is great in this.
However, why are 3 of the horsemen humans? it would’ve been way more interesting if we had varied races you know, given DKs can be any race…


<<<<<is in another time zone

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To be honest the one that makes the most sense is Darion.

He is the defacto leader of the Ebon Blade plus he is the son of one the original Vanilla leader of the 4 horsemen Alexandros Mograine

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These picture look great, nice job! Props to you artists once again.

Thoras Trollbane is completely unnecesary TBH. A Draenei, a Tauren or something would’ve bee better.

In fact that Highmountain tauren that shared part of the lich king within him would’ve been amazing.

It’s not random.

" The idea of opposing Windrunner hadn’t bothered Nazgrim much. Sylvanas had helped kill him, after all. And she had never been his warchief."

Uh. Blizz you’re making it sound like she fought him instead of just helping to get the raid into Org.

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Indeed, allow me to rephrase. “Why in the kidnapping cinematic the Ebon Blade was randomly at ICC to help fallen Bolvar”. Up until this short story we had no idea, now we know.


I imagine being being cut off psychically from the Lich King sets off alarm bells.

They have been pretty much cut off from the lich King since Lights Hope Chapel when Arthas lost control of the Ebon blade when he tried to use them as a sacrifice to lure out Tirion .

Have you done the DK class hall quest chain?

Yes I have . They said they would help but they were always weary of him and never really under his control.

Okay Nazgrim doing a curtsy was NOT something I was expecting in this story. I’m a sucker for little character moments like that.