Warcraft Short Story: "A Whisper of Warning "

Awesome, this type of supplemental lore is always appreciated :slight_smile:

off topic: all i know about time travel is that i prayed earnestly not sure which great power granted my wish.

Arator lives in Silvermoon ! :eyes:

Silvermoon will be the neutral capital of Midnight ! :raised_hands:


We’re not allowing gnomes into Silvermoon City.

And the worgen must stay in human form, the vulpera shedding is bad enough as it is.

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For those who are saying things like

“Oh great another outside game story that I must read”

I am going to be straight with you people that this short story is optional and nothing is mandatory.


You’ve heard of the Judgment set, but are you ready to chug from the Jugment?

All Children of Quel’thalas are welcome in Silvermoon. That’s always been the case, doesn’t make the city neutral.

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Was wondering if we’d see one before the patch (and before the book came out)! I snuck a read in during a meeting at work.

I really enjoyed this read. I like all the alleria and turalyon lore, as well as their relationship… It is actually really good as that sorta cosmic love story trope.

Arator has the potential to be a huge character in the lore… although the way it sounds is they are setting him up to be sacrificed as a catalyst for alleria to go void crazy maybe to set up for midnight or something…

I hope not.


Some lore points that are interesting.

Arator living in Silvermoon and not Stormwind means that, in theory Silvermoon is in fact, just open to all Thalassian elves as long as they aren’t purple. Which is actually interesting because no where does that imply Silvermoon isn’t a Horde city. Just not everyone inside of it is Horde. Personally I like this because it harkens back to an old Warcraft Legends story where it felt like the races of Azeroth were a lot more co-mingling and I like that.

Turalyon is still somehow working with Liadrin, which is kinda funny.

Assuming the writers are talking to each other (doubtful) Alleria growing distant from her family happens during our time in the Dragon Isles, since it sounds like everything was fine up until then (I do not recall the event that happened in that Wration story, but they were there if I’m correct.)

Overall, good story. Really hope they don’t kill off Arator before actually using him but they are giving him major death flags.


Only to be resurrected by the void were he becomes the first half of everything . Half elf, half human , half light, have void , like his tats

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Alleria is the perfect character for a book, because good lord is her voice annoying.

Her voice is really good lol? They probably just have to turn down the reverb a tad.

Is this going to be in the game too?

What is there to put in the game from this?
She went to silvermoon to have a chat with her son, and then left. The end :stuck_out_tongue:

You say it’s really good then immediately identify why it’s not.
A tad? A ton. 1980 Sci-Fi robots sound less ridiculous than her.

Well it’d be cool to see with the background and everything but oh well.

Midnight should probably have the zone remade if thats what you mean :slight_smile:

What are you talking about? They have known each other since Warcraft 2.


Lovely wholesome short story. I am so worried for Arator now though :cry:
He sounds really cool, it would be a waste to kill him off. Wow really needs more new characters to step into the spotlight, rather than the same old ones, over and over.