Warcraft: Eastern Kingdoms preview

Some preview pages for the upcoming Exploring Azeroth Eastern Kingdoms book, starring Mathias Shaw and Flynn Fairwind, went up on Amazon UK.

It looks like a pretty fun read so far. I hope that each location has more than one page of info.



I really, really like the presentation of this with Flynn and Shaw marking notes on each others’ reports.

The pieces of trivia like SI:7 using the cathedral catacombs for drop points is cool. I really appreciate those little bits of worldbuilding and I hope there’s a lot of it.


What did Flynn mean about the Blood Elves’ reminding him of someone he knows? Is he talking about Shaw as one would expect from the “How like someone I know” line?

Might be? I guess that Shaw could be a bit proud and could hold a grudge. Or it could be someone else, with Flynn’s note being more in context with pages not included in the preview. Or he could just be teasing him. :woman_shrugging: Guess we’ll find out in October.

Oh cool Anduin’s horse is from the same farm as Invincible.


I liked the confirmation that the Alliance knows what Garithos did and view it as an act that sullied the Alliance. I also loved how his end was considered terrible, but better than he deserved.


Wait, what? Why? That seems like an odd detail to include, I know Christie also wrote Arthas so maybe it’s just an easter egg reference, but it’s another Anduin/Arthas connection. /shrug :thinking:


Thanks for posting this! I wasn’t sure that this book would relevant to my interests, but this looks fun!

Assuming Azeroth horses have the same lifespan as Earth horses, the absolute latest Anduin’s horse could’ve been born would make it middle aged now.

That was a scream. In-character lore perspectives are always great; maybe Shaw should consider a career of writing instead of espionage?


Is there actually a single person alive on planet earth who cares about Anduin’s horse and isn’t named Christie Golden. I’m really asking.


I know, right? I really loved some of the notes that the two of them wrote on the pages, especially Shaw’s reaction to Mathias the parrot, and Flynn being all “Maybe there was good left in Arthas because he loved his horse? Oh, no. Nope, wait, scratch that, stuff Arthas.”



What an ugly mess even is this?
Thank you. So far I don’t have any ambition to buy this and those spoilers only help me to stay away from it, so far.

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Came here to state exactly this. The Alliance does not accept Garithos’s betrayal as a standing affront.

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If the Horde has taught us anything is that people can throw the blame of anything onto one person. We might as well do the same. Garithos was the only one to blame for Elves leaving the Alliance so now EK Elves should just let go of the past and move on from the resentment they hold towards us.


Varian is in the Maw.
This is a red herring.

Can’t blame the Elves, when if what the books says is cannon about the alliance knowing what gairthos was doing and they STILL didn’t lift a finger to stop him? The alliance should get the blame when they sat idly by and did nothing.


The Horde worked for Garrosh and Sylvanas almost up to the end. If the Horde could get away with it and claim they’re victims of someone else’s manipulation then so can we.

So from now on we can say that we are sorry about everything we had Blood Elves go through but it was Garithos fault. Now that he’s not here we are once again innocent and blameless. And going by Horde examples that works perfectly fine.


BC and Alliance incursion in to Quel’thalas say hi.


The restoration of the Sunwell made possible with the Help of the Alliance also says Hi.